13 computer tricks

13‌ Computer tricks

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13‌ Computer tricks

13‌ Computer tricks – Computer and software refunds are usually appealing to everyone. Because it allows users to make the most of the possibilities they have at their disposal and the job becomes easier for them. In this article, we are going to teach 13‌ computer tricks.


Reopen the page that you accidentally closed.
If you want to restore the page you closed, just press “Control” (or “Command” on the Mac), plus “Shift”, plus “T”. The closed page magically reappears.


Take a screenshot of only part of the screen.
If you only need to capture part of the screen, there is a simple way to do this for both Windows and Mac. For Mac: Hold “Command”, plus “Shift”, along with “4”, then drag the area you want. For Windows: Just go to the “Start” menu and then “Snipping Tool”.

13 computer tricks

Repeat your last command in Excel easily.
If you press the F4 key in Excel, it repeats the last command. Here is an example on Reddit: “If you select TB and turn it yellow, you can turn another TB (s) yellow by pressing F4.


Open the link on the page of a new browser with one click.
If you click on the “middle” button on your mouse, you will open the link in the new browser page, and if you click on the open tab on the middle mouse button, the page will close.


Make a copy by dragging the file.
All you have to do to make a copy of a file on your Mac is hold down the “Alt” key (“Control” if you are using a computer). After holding this button, click on the file and drag it. This will create a copy that you can click to drop anywhere you want.


Reverse image search in Chrome.
In Google Chrome, Google will perform a reverse search if you press “S” while right-clicking on the image. This means that you can see where the photo is and what the reference is.


Move your window to either side.
If you click on the “Windows” key, plus one of the arrows (right, left, up, down), your current window will be moved to the other side of the screen.

Unfortunately, this only works for Windows systems.


Clear the cache in a few seconds.
Quickly clear the cache by pressing “Control”, plus “Shift”, plus “R”. It also reloads your page.


Lock your computer for a few seconds.
On a Windows system, click “Windows” plus “L” to lock your computer. On Mac systems, click “Command”, plus “Option”, plus “Eject”. (Or click “Power” if your computer does not have an optical drive) Lock your computer.


Astonish people by turning your screen.
If you press the “Control” button plus “Alt” plus one of the arrow keys, it will rotate your screen to that side. Note: This does not work for all computers (and only Windows).

13 computer tricks

13‌ Computer tricks

Turn your browser window into a plain text editor.
If you want to turn your browser into a text editor, enter this phrase in the address bar of your browser:

data: text / html


Edit what Chrome browser shows.
If you want to comic story with someone and ship them a screenshot with unrealistic text, there may be an clean manner in Chrome. First carry the console via pressing “F12”.

Then input this text:

Record.DesignMode = “on”

After that, you can edit any textual content that looks at the web page.

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