Alessandro Del Piero


Alessandro Del Piero

Alessandro Del Piero was born on November 9, 1974 in Coniano, Italy. He is an Italian football player. He played his first national game at Euro 96 against Russia. He is the parent of Alessandro Gino and Bruna. His father was an electrical technician. As a child, Alessandro used to play football with his friends Nelson, Pierpaolo, and Giovanni Paolo in the backyard. They all dreamed of becoming footballers and playing for their country, but only Alessandro Delo’s followers made that dream come true. Stefano Della Piero is his only brother, who is nine years older than him, and he played professional football at Sampdoria for a while before suffering an injury. Alessandro’s family lives in a suburban home in San Vand Miano. As a child, Alessandro’s family did not have much money to travel around the world, so Alex dreamed of becoming a truck driver so he could travel around the world.

At the age of seven, Alessandro played as a goalkeeper for the San Vand Mianu junior team. His mother preferred Alessandro to be a goalkeeper to reduce the risk of injury. But one day his brother Stefano said to his mother, “Can’t you see Alex is great on the offensive line?” And that’s how Alessandro became a striker. Playing for the local team of San Vand Miano in 1988, he was recognized by the talent scouts of reputable teams and left his family at the age of 13 to play for Padova Calcio. His first professional football games dating back to 1991 when Alex made four Serie B appearances. The following season, his tally reached ten and he did not score his first goal.

Alessandro Del Piero’s personal life

On June 12, 2005, Alessandro married his fiancée, Sonia Amoroso, with whom he had been in a relationship since 1999. In July 2007, they announced that they were expecting their first child. On October 22, 2007, at 8:00 pm, Sonia gave birth to her son, Tobias Del Del Piero, at St. Anna Hospital in Turin. On May 4, 2009, Alessandro and Sonia’s second child was born, and they named their daughter Doria. Sasha’s third child was born on December 27, 2010. In 2012, a 12-year-old girl named Giada Scalisi suffered a brain hemorrhage while watching a Juventus match and fell into a coma. Nothing changed. His family called Del Piero and asked him to record a video message for their daughter. Alessandro’s voice became a means of a great miracle from God, and the girl came out of a coma. Del Piero had said in his message to Giada: “Hello, I am Del Piero. I hope you wake up as soon as possible and watch the game between Juventus and me, and above that, we will get to know each other better.”

Alessandro Del Piero's personal life

The heart of the follower uses his money and reputation to help with cancer research, which is why he received the Belief in Research Award from the Cancer Research Organization in November 2006. When the Olympic torch passed through Turin for the 2006 Winter Olympics, Alex was one of the torchbearers. Alessandro Della is interested in other sports besides football, and this has led him to make friends from other sports. Basketball star Steve Nash and cycling legend Eddie Marx have announced that they are fans of the heart. In addition to sports, Alessandro is also very interested in music. Shortly after Italy won the World Cup, he took part in a Rolling Stone performance in Milan with Marco Materazzi. On February 9, 2009, it was announced that Alex was going to sue Facebook for having a fake profile of Alex on it. There was a site that linked him to neo-Nazi currents. Alex said he was “very upset” that a fake page containing his photo linked him to racist currents. Shortly afterward, he launched his Facebook homepage, which was joined by more than 100,000 people overnight.

Alessandro Della is a follower of the humorous man and has appeared as a guest on some Italian TV comedy shows such as Piprisima and Strisha La Notizia. Alex has also appeared in a comedy show called Lasima Ultima de Totti. Francesco Totti, Alessandro Nesta and Gian Luigi Buffon also took part in the program and joked with each other. One of the two footballers on the cover of the CD will also be the Italian version of the 2010 football game. FIFA 100 is a list of 125 great footballers that Pele has chosen to celebrate FIFA’s 100th anniversary. The Brazilian star Ronaldinho has named him as his role model. He was also voted the best European player in the last 50 years by the votes of the UEFA Golden Festival. Del Piero was named the World’s Most Profitable Footballer in 2000. In addition to Alex’s three masculinity awards in Italy, he has also won the Golden Foot Award for players who are morally and technically the best.

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Del Piero usually plays as an auxiliary striker but is sometimes used as a quarterback, a creative player behind two strikers. Although he is short, he is very creative, he gives many assists and scores many goals, and he is not just a goal scorer. She is also the best female free kicker in the world. He has been dubbed the king of free kicks, which even David Beckham, the man of the field, says I have not yet been able to hit like a follower. Juventus fans have dubbed a spot on the pitch “Del Piero”, which is actually a place on the left side of the box where Alex has always scored a lot of goals from that area. Del Piero is the best goal scorer in Juventus’ history. He, along with Roberto Baggio, is the fourth-best scorer in the history of the Italian national team. “Sometimes I feel like Del Piero is never getting older,” Diego Armando Maradona said of him. Depiro was also nicknamed the Golden Boy of Italian football.


Juventus and Alessandro Del Piero

In 1993, Alex moved to Juventus, where he played until 2012. He made his Serie A debut in September 1993 against Fujia. He scored his first goal in the next game against Regina and then scored a hat-trick against Parma in his first game as a regular. In the first season of Del Piero in Juventus, the team won the Scudetto after 8 years. Together with the Turin club, he won seven Scudetti (1995, 1997, 1998, 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2006), a European Champions Cup (1996), and an Intercontinental Cup (1996). Alex’s best season was 1997-98 when he scored 21 goals in the Italian League and became the competition’s top scorer with 10 goals in the Champions League. One of those goals was his famous free-kick against Monaco in the semi-finals. His goal in the final against Dortmund could not prevent Juventus from losing 3-1 in that match.

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