Ali Ersan Duru


Ali Ersan Duru

Ali Ersan Duru was born in Ankara on September 19, 1984. He is a young Turkish actor who started his career in 2010 as a guest actor in the series Omar Gol Laleh.

Ali Arsan Dorou’s family and education

Readable biography and attractive photos of Ali Arsan Doro and his fiancé – Ali has 4 brothers beside himself and is the youngest child in the family. His father is from Ankara and his mother is from Karadeniz. The young actor is a financial studies graduate of Osman Ghazi University. Readable biography and attractive photos of Ali Arsan Doro and his fiancé – Ali’s family are in a good financial position. At first, he wanted to be a pilot, and when he discussed the matter with his father, his father decided to send him to an officer’s school, but because Ali was not interested in the military and wearing military uniforms, he later changed his mind and went to the theater. Brought.

Interesting facts about the life of Ali Arsan Douro

Readable biography and attractive photos of Ali Arsan Doro and his fiancé – Ali has a cat named Armin and he loves animals. He is very dependent on his family. The talented actor occasionally plays in commercials, and his role models are Kivanc Tatlitug and Kenan Emirzali Oglu. Ali does not fall in love easily, he is attracted to a woman who has long hair, is intimate, and has a beautiful smile. His favorite foreign actors are Christian Ball and Leonardo DiCaprio, and he follows the work of directors such as Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino.

Begin acting

Readable biography and fascinating photos of Ali Arsan Dorou and his fiancé – Ali While studying, he started his career as an amateur actor with the theater of Osman Ghazi University and then took acting lessons at the Dialogue Sanat Center. The talented actor then joined the ikaahika Tekand acting studio and studied theater at the center for three years. Ali has also attended voice and singing classes for some time.

Height and weight of Ali Arsan Douro

Readable biography and attractive photos of Ali Arsan Doro and his fiancé – Ali, like most Turkish male actors, is tall. He is 190 cm tall and weighs 80 kg.


Spouse and Private Relationships of Ali Ersan Doro

Ali is single. He had a relationship with Janson Tucson for a while and recently posted a photo of himself and a person whose details are not available on his Instagram. Ali Arsan Doro is active on Instagram and has now attracted 620,000 followers.


Ali Ersan Duru was born on September 28, 1984, in Ankara, Turkey as the fifth child in the family. His father works as a hotelier and his mother is a housewife and has four older brothers, his father is from Ankara and his mother is from He also knows his family as a traditional, warm and loving family

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As a child, he always dreamed of becoming a pilot, and when he shared this dream with his father, his father supported him. His father suggested that he join the army and receive the necessary training in that military environment, but because of his interest in the army and The system did not give up piloting

Student theater up to the course

Ali entered the university theater as a student, then in 2008, at the age of 24, he took acting courses at the Dialog Sanat Institute.

In front of the camera

Ali Arsan Doro officially entered the acting arena in 2011 at the age of 27 with the series “Başrolde Aşk”.

Fame and popularity

Ersan quickly became one of the most popular Turkish actors with his excellent acting and attractive face. In the series “Life goes on”, “Escape from the rain”, “Palace dwellers”, “You knock on my door” and “You say Karadeniz” was also welcomed among the people.

emotional relationship

In 2016, the actor entered into an emotional relationship with Burcu berzerk, but this life did not last more than a year and ended in separation. His relationship with “Janus Tucson” and “Alexandra Nikki Forova” was reported in the media, but Ali Arsan denied all of them.

Working in a bank – Ali Ersan Duru

When my family was looking for a job for me in a bank, I decided to become an actor. If I had not done so, I would have regretted it in the future. They got used to the thought


Calmness brings joy

I’m happy when I’m calm, I’m usually happy and enjoy small things. Inherently, small things make me happy, and small and momentary joys are important.

The joy of having fans

Lie: Why am I satisfied with having fans, especially women! It is their attention and love that keeps us going, I hope they will always be

His view of love

Love is an unlimited feeling for me, if I am really in love, I would like to do anything with the person I love. Sometimes my feelings cause the other person to suffocate! When I understand this, I control my emotions, but in the end, it lasts one to two days. Emotional love is strong and love is not acceptable without fights and differences.

Love for family

My family is the only thing in the world that I can not give up, it is very difficult to give up some things in my life, but if I tie them, I will never go to him again.

Future goals

I would like to get married and have children, this is the wish of every healthy man, but I am still young and at first, I am on my way to work and I am currently waiting for my job.

Life patterns

I follow Cristiano Ronaldo and Leonardo DiCaprio, I especially like Leonardo’s performance in recent years, he is really successful, I also like Al Papino very much

The most negative moral trait

I’m not very detailed and I’m really trying to get rid of it, but I can not seem to be in my character

Communication with fashion

I am in favor of comfort from head to toe, it is important for me to walk comfortably, to feel comfortable and free in my clothes. If necessary, I also wear a suit, but I choose comfortable clothes during the day.

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