Bill Gates Biography


Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates Biography – Bill Gates is the richest man in the world who has won this title for 11 consecutive years and his fortune is estimated at $ 82.7 billion. At 43, Gates was the richest man in the world. He has been the President of Microsoft since the age of 20. Gates transformed Microsoft by turning it into an important player in the computer industry and using the new position to create a platform for further growth in applications. Gates realized from the very beginning that he would think if he wanted To conclude, it is necessary to establish an industry standard. He also knew that the sooner anyone got there, the more important the chances and chances of gaining power in the computer industry. Gates’s wealth is beyond our comprehension, and this is both our skepticism and our curiosity, but what matters is Gates’s business style, in which Gates warns managers; (I warn all businesses, even if you’ve been unrivaled in your industry so far, you may soon be attacked by online actors!) Along with his fame and fortune, he confirms the emergence of a new world trade order.

Bill Gates Biography

The biography of Bill Gates states: William Henry Gates III, better known as Bill Gates, was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. Gates was born into a family rich in business, politics, and social services. His paternal grandfather was mayor and member of the state legislature, his grandfather was vice president of a national bank, and his father, William Henry Gates II, is a Seattle attorney general and his mother is a schoolteacher and a member of the board of United Way International. Bill Gates grew up in this family with his two sisters. As a child, Gates spent most of his time with his grandmother and was greatly influenced by her. From the beginning of his life, he has ambition, ambition, and a sense of competition; The same factors that led his ancestors to the highest levels of their careers. In elementary school, he quickly outperformed his peers in all subjects, especially mathematics and science. Seeing this, his parents enrolled him in a famous school called Lake Side. This is where the core of Microsoft came from. It all started in the spring of 1968 when the school decided to introduce students to a new phenomenon in the world, the computer. Computers were still too big and expensive for a school to buy. He set up a fund for the same school and said that he would help rent a DEC PDP-10 computer made by General Electric for one year. A lot of money was saved more than the cost of renting for a year. But the school underestimated the attractiveness of this electronic giant for children.

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Bill Gates and Paul Allen

These guys were Bill Gates, Paul Allen, who was two years older than Gates, and a few other comrades, all of whom are now senior Microsoft programmers. They spent their days and nights in the school computer room. It was not long before teachers complained about them. They neither studied nor wrote exercises. Worst of all, they finished all the rental time in just a few weeks. In the fall of 1968, Computer Center opened an office in Seattle. The child of one of the company’s senior employees is studying at Lakeside School. As a result, the company provided the school with a limited-time computer. Gates and the other kids rushed to the computer. The young hackers sneaked into the system several times and compromised its security software. Worst of all, they manipulated files that were recorded when they were used on a computer. But things got tricky and the company banned them from using the computer. But the brains of the company owners worked. They hired Gates and Allen. It was not until late 1968 that Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and two others formed the Lakeside Developers Group. Now that their heads were stoned, they decided to do the right thing instead of hacking. The computer center company also asked them to fix them now that you understand our computer security bugs. Instead, they could spend unlimited time with the computer. It was really seductive for them.


By the end of 1969, Computer Center was in financial trouble, and the kids on the Lakeside programming team had to pack up. They struggled to find a computer at the University of Washington, where Paul Allen’s father worked. The group re-formed and took its first order; Write a plan for a company’s payroll. In the fall of 1973, Gates entered Harvard University. But he had left his heart outside the university next to his computer. Gates, who spent the night at the computer with Paul Allen, slept in the classroom from morning till night. At Harvard, he met Steve Ballmer, who is currently head of Microsoft’s office. Paul Allen finally convinced him that they should start an independent computer company. But Bill Gates was hesitant to drop out of college. It wasn’t until one fall in 1974 that Allen saw the cover design of Popular Electronics magazine: the Altier 8080, the world’s first microcomputer, struggling with business models.

Bill Gates House  – Bill Gates Biography

That same afternoon, Gates and Allen, two youngsters who spent their day with the computer, made their decision: We take over the home PC market. A few days later, Gates called MITS and said that he had written software for the Alter computer called BASIC. But only he and Allen knew it was nothing more than a loaf. They did not write a single line. They had not even seen an Alter 8080. It took only 8 weeks from the time the company gave them the green light until the day the last line of the program ran without error. The next day, Allen went to the MITS office and showed the program. But the interesting thing was that they had written this program on a Lakeside school computer, and now the program was working on an 8080 Ultra without the slightest mistake. For the first time, Allen saw a new 8080 Alter up close! Allen sold the rights to Basic to MITS, and Bill Gates formally dropped out. They were laying the foundation stone for home computer software. In 1975, Bill Gates and his childhood friend Paul Allen started a small company called Microsoft with the slogan “One Computer in Every Home.” Microsoft produced a variety of programming languages ​​for different computers. At the time, Microsoft had only 40 employees working hard around the clock, with total sales of just $ 2.4 million a year.


Wife of Bill Gates

Gates married Melinda French Gates in 1994, resulting in a daughter (born 1996) and a son (born 1999). Bill Gates followed in his mother’s footsteps and, with his wife, founded several charities around the world. Bill Gates now lives in Seattle with his wife and children. At present, Microsoft is one of the most successful companies in the United States, with more than 40,000 employees in 60 countries and net revenue of $ 25.3 billion at the end of the fiscal year 2001. The United States and one of the leaders in the computer industry.

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