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Buy a blood sugar test


Buy a blood sugar test

Buy a blood sugar test What to pay attention to when buying a blood sugar device: In general, blood glucose testing devices include the following components: Device, test strip, lancet needle, lancet pen or sampling pen, battery, CD and manual, warranty card, a special case

Measurement accuracy:

One of the most important features in buying a blood sugar testing device that should be considered is the accuracy of its measurement in the announced results. The result of the measurement is very crucial and decisive and must be correct and accurate and with the least amount of error. Because your doctor will see your results in your treatment process.

Blood volume control system:

Devices equipped with a blood volume control (BVC) system are among the best devices on the market. In these devices, if you give insufficient blood to the device, the device will not show you a lower and wrong number but will show you an error. But devices that do not have this system will show you a low number if you give insufficient blood to the device.

Test strip:

There are several blood glucose test strips in every box of glucometers you buy on the market, on which you drop your blood drop and place it inside the device. The surface of these strips is impregnated with chemicals that react with your blood sugar. On some devices, you may need to enter a code before inserting the blood glucose test strip. This code is included in the package containing the tapes. After entering the code, the device is set and shows the blood sugar level. The device code is used for calibration and indicates the accuracy of the device. What is important in this regard is, firstly, to use the tapes approved by the Ministry of Health (hologram) and secondly, when preparing blood glucose test strips, make sure that their expiration date is valid. Of course, some devices have the ability to detect expired tapes, but in any case, it is necessary to pay attention to the expiration date of the tapes.

How to use a home blood sugar device, types of blood sugar devices
Devices that are equipped with BVC system are among the best devices on the market

measure blood sugar

How to measure blood sugar:

Blood sugar is measured in blood sugar testing devices in two ways:

Photometric or electrochemical.

Photometry: Devices that work with this system need a light source inside the device. Buy a blood sugar test, In fact, the reflected light is measured. In this method, glucose produces a pigment during an enzymatic reaction. The light reaches the blood sugar test strip at a specified wavelength and the dye produced absorbs the light. The amount of pigment produced is proportional to the amount of glucose in the sample.

The more glucose in the sample, the more color it produces, the more light it absorbs, and therefore reflects less light, so it is clear that blood sugar is high.

Electrochemical: In this method, glucose is oxidized during an enzymatic reaction to produce electrons. The number of electrons trapped is proportional to the amount of glucose in the sample. It produces more glucose, more electrons, and less glucose, fewer electrons.

The photometric method can be very effective if the device is completely clean. But since most patients are unaware of this, they usually do not clean their device lens, so this can affect the results of the device. The electrochemical method, because it is not dependent on light, prevents errors due to not cleaning the device.

Blood count required:

The number of blood droplets you need to give your device to measure blood sugar varies. This amount varies from 0.3 microliters to 2 microliters. Older types of glucometers require more blood. Approximately one to two microliters of blood are appropriate for each blood glucose test. In this regard, it is better to use devices that can automatically adjust the required blood volume.

Measurements from other points:

Some devices, in addition to measuring from the fingertips, also have the ability to measure from the forearm and arm, which is an important feature for those who have to sample several times a day. Because people with diabetes usually measure their blood sugar 3 to 4 times a day.

Have memory and get average:

An important consideration for your doctor in setting your treatment plan is the periodic Buy a blood sugar test average of your blood sugar. That’s why most devices have a memory to store blood sugar levels. Having weekly, bi-weekly and monthly blood sugar calculations make this calculation easier and more accurate for you, especially for the elderly who are bored with mathematical calculations and…. Do not have.

The amount of blood droplets you need to give your device to measure blood sugar varies

Measurement speed:

Different devices on the market measure and show your blood sugar at different times. This time varies from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. Naturally, the faster you measure, the more relaxed you will be and the faster you will have to react to the results.

Ability to connect to a computer:

Analyzing charts of results and blood sugar fluctuations is a great help to the medical staff in adjusting the dose of the drug.

Device size:

Blood glucose testers are designed to be easy to carry and do not take up much space. However, there are devices that are more compact than other devices.

originality of the device

The originality of the device:

The most important feature in this regard is paying attention to the hologram of the Ministry of Health. The hologram and license number of the Ministry of Health are the first prerequisites to ensure the authenticity of the device and the best way to be safe from counterfeit devices. Installing a hologram on the device is actually a security label for you that the device is approved by the Ministry of Health and has entered the country through legal channels. Unfortunately, in our country, a large number of Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean companies have started to offer low-quality products with cheap price offers that sellers may also offer due to higher profits, but it should be noted that it is recommended by doctors and specialists in major European devices. Which have entered the country through official channels and under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

Warranty and after-sales service:

One of the most important points in buying a blood sugar testing device is to pay attention to the support and after-sales service of the product. Since blood glucose testing devices need their own test strip for measurement and the strips are disposable, a device must be purchased that has an importer company and a representative in the country to complete the test strip. , Its test strip is available anywhere and anytime by the relevant company. In addition, if the device has a technical defect, it can be repaired or replaced by a representative.

How to use a home blood sugar device, types of blood sugar devices
Blood sugar testing devices are designed to be easy to carry

Things to know before taking blood sugar:

– We must look at the expiration date of the tape

– You should not press your finger to collect blood, because it changes blood sugar. Instead, keep your fingers hanging for a minute or two so that blood collects slowly.

To measure blood sugar, you should first wash and dry your hands, because the fat on the Buy a blood sugar test skin of the hands can affect the amount of blood sugar. But you do not need to disinfect the skin with alcohol

– Do not take blood from the middle of the finger, but the needle should be inserted into the sides.

– The patient should control blood sugar at different times and situations.

For example, fasting in the morning, before lunch, before dinner, and two hours after each meal, as well as before going to bed and at three o’clock in the morning, can control sugar and rotate the time of sugar check on different days. To change.

Eating starchy foods raises blood sugar, while protein foods lower blood sugar. Eating fibrous Buy a blood sugar test foods also lowers blood sugar by slowing the flow of food through the intestines.

– Any exercise lowers blood sugar. Also, stress, excitement, sadness, and fear cause high blood sugar.

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