Clean sweat stains 

Clean sweat stains


Clean sweat stains

Clean sweat stains Magical compounds to remove sweat stains from clothes Eliminate sweat stains on clothes, sweat stains on clothes To remove sweat stains from clothes, hang them in the open air Yellow sweat stains on colored and black clothes are one of the most stubborn stains in washing clothes. In this article, we will teach you how to get rid of these sweat stains with a few simple home remedies.

There is nothing more unpleasant than the smell of sweat on clothes. Although sweating is good for your health, the smell of sweat annoys those around you. In addition to the stench Clean sweat stains and stickiness of the sweat, white or yellow spots remain on the clothes. To maintain good hygiene, clothes should be properly maintained, which is the best way to wash them regularly, but sometimes, despite washing clothes, the unpleasant odor remains.

One of the best and easiest ways is to hang clothes in the open air and in the sun.

baking soda
Baking soda is always a good helper to remove most stains. To remove sweat stains, you can mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with a quarter of a glass of water to form a paste-like solution. Using an old toothbrush or brush, apply the solution to the stain and leave it on the clothes for an hour; When the dough is dry, wash the stain with cold water. Instead of using water, you can use white vinegar, that is, mix baking soda with vinegar to make a paste and apply it on clothes; Just do not forget to wash clothes earlier than one hour. This method works better for collars.

Before washing, add two cups of baking soda to the detergent. By adopting this method, which is effective on any type of fabric, any type of odor is eliminated.

Use baking soda and white vinegar to remove sweat stains from the collar of the garment. Apply this paste to the desired place, after a few minutes, wash it in the usual way.

Water and vinegar
You can also use a solution of water and white vinegar; Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar and put your clothes in it and then rinse with cold water. You can also pour a few drops of vinegar directly on the stains and wash it after a few minutes when the vinegar is absorbed by the clothes.

Soak the clothes in a solution of a bucket of water and a pint of white vinegar overnight.

Soak the cloth in 2 cups of white vinegar and 1 cup of water for a few Clean sweat stains hours, then wash in the washing machine.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice also works like vinegar, and if you make a solution of equal amounts of lemon juice and water and put your clothes in it, you will see the sweat stains disappear and fade.

Pour lemon juice on the stain or rub the sweat stain together, wash it after half an hour, or hang lemon juice on the spots after hanging in the sun.

remove the stains

One of the best solutions is salt. Dissolve some salt in hot water and rub it on the stains with a sponge or put the stained part in it for an hour to remove the stains.

Aspirin tablets
This method may seem strange, but it is very effective. Mix a tablespoon of tartar powder, 3 pieces of crushed aspirin, and a cup of lukewarm water using a brush on the necessary parts and leave it for 20 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water.

If you have aspirin tablets at home, dissolve 2 of them in a quarter of a glass of warm water and put the stain in this solution for 2-3 hours, and then wash with cold water.

Another way is to use meat. Of course, it may not be a cheap way, but you can moisten the clothes a little and put a piece of meat on the stain and wash the clothes after a few minutes.

Ammonia can also help remove these stains. Mix some ammonia with water and rub the stain with this solution and then rinse with cold water.

Each of the above methods can help you get rid of yellow sweat stains. If there are any stains left after the clothes have dried, you can repeat the procedure to remove the stain completely.

Prepare a paste from a tablespoon of boric acid and a little water and brush on the sweat stain and then wash.

For white clothes, pour equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and water Clean sweat stains on the sweat stain and after 30 minutes, wash and let it dry in the open air.

Instead of spending time removing sweat stains, it is better to stop them from the beginning. You do not need to apply a thick layer of deodorant that causes stains on clothes, a thin layer of deodorant prevents the accumulation of acid and aluminum salts on the clothes. Wash the underarms with cold water. Coldwater is an effective neutralizer that fights acids and prevents sweat stains.


In all methods, we emphasized rinsing the clothes with cold water.

We are slowly approaching the middle days of summer, days when the immense heat is unbearable for all of us. In addition to the heat, the problem that most of us all face is sweating and getting dirty clothes this season. For this reason, in this article, we want to share with you the answer to the question of one of our companions regarding the method of removing sweat stains from clothes. Maybe this question is also your concern, dear ones, so join us.

Remove sweat stains, remove yellow stains on the fabric

Use baking soda

Use baking soda to remove sweat stains from clothes as well as their bad smell.

Question: My wife is a taxi driver and in the summer she has a problem with her clothes turning yellow due to sweating. Can you please help me to remove the yellowing of sweat stains from my clothes?

Answer: To answer this question, before any solution, it is better to avoid excessive sweating. For this purpose, it is better to use cotton clothes suitable for the season and change them daily, drink more water and salt during this season. Consume less, you can also use Mojo antiperspirant pads in pharmacies in addition to using cotton clothes. But ways to get rid of yellow sweat stains under the arms of clothes:

• Use baking soda to remove sweat stains from clothes as well as their bad smell. For this purpose, prepare a staining mixture of 4 tablespoons of baking soda and a glass of water, then brush this pasty mixture with a toothbrush. Apply on the stain and let it stay on for an hour. After drying, wash clothes with cold water and dry them in the sun.

Another way to remove sweat stains from clothes is to use baking soda and vinegar. Prepare the mixture as in the previous paragraph and use vinegar instead of water and let it stay on your clothes for less than an hour, then wash it and let it dry completely in the open air.

One of the strangest and most effective ways to remove sweat stains from Clean sweat stains clothes is to use aspirin pills. Dissolve two aspirin tablets in a quarter of a glass of warm water and place on the stain for two to three hours with a sponge, then wash clothes with cold water.

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