Computer applications

Computer applications

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Computer applications

Computer applications-Computer has many applications in various fields. But one of the most basic and important applications of a computer is data processing, and a computer can perform a large amount of computation with great speed and accuracy.

2- Administrative and commercial users (database): such as accounting, warehousing, salaries, banking, student registration and …. 3- Control applications: such as missile control, traffic control, heart flow and respiration control, cement plant or a nuclear power plant, seismography to record and process information related to ground vibrations, etc. 4- Engineering analyzes: such as analysis of electrical circuits, analysis of civil structures, analysis of buildings, etc. 5- Graphics, drawing, poster design, drawing electrical circuits, computer games, etc. 6- Making animated images, animation, cinema, etc.

7- Use of computer in transportation: such as storing space and selling tickets for passenger trains or airlines, directing flights at airports, choosing the best route for planes and ships, setting traffic lights in busy areas, scheduling trains, planes and Cars and ….

8- using computer in communique and information alternate: perhaps one of the maximum important phenomena within the international today is the net and the idea of facts superhighway. The internet has triggered humans from the farthest corners of the arena to talk with every other or to enter the web site of a shop to shop for the desired product, down load books, communicate to other customers inside the community and ….

Internet: is a global network that connects hundreds of thousands of people around the world to exchange information and news, e-commerce, entertainment, etc. The Internet is not centralized and managed, meaning that no one, no organization, no country manages and controls it. In other words, no one can determine what should be on this network and what should not be on it.

Face: In the network discussion, the issue of the Internet will be discussed more.

Computer application

9- Nowadays, computers are used in car design as well as in the work of its various parts such as fuel injection systems, electronic injectors, ABS (anti-lock) brakes, etc., and with the help of supercomputers, car crash tests are simulated with good accuracy to require Actual tests will be significantly reduced, resulting in reduced costs and increased safety.

  1. Computers are used in the construction of various robots, such as welding robots and guard robots.

11- Computers are widely used in scientific and research projects that require very complex and advanced calculations and also in modeling. Computer-aided modeling has significantly reduced the cost of laboratory research and its risks.

13- Using computers in education: Using computers in education, in addition to increasing the quality of education, also reduces costs. When teaching is done with a computer, as usual with a teacher, the lessons can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Computer applications

Application of computer in life As you all know, in today’s digital world it is impossible to do many things without a computer, because the use of computers in life is so great that it becomes an integral part of life. Almost everyone is familiar with computers and the Internet. The use of computers is practically done by all institutions that are used in all offices, schools, colleges, etc. because it has the feature of being versatile. With the development and updated technology, the computer is used in almost all fields and everyone uses it at home. Now it is better to get acquainted with the use of computers in daily life and various other fields.

Education With the advent of computer systems in education, the usual stage of training has expanded. College students at both schools or establishments or maybe at home use computer systems. In reality, with out it, gaining knowledge of is constrained to the walls of establishments. The nice way to get right of entry to education for every person is through laptop. And many first-rate college students spend about 1 to 3 hours a day at the pc studying different topics. Obtaining the right information turned into a venture for college students before the introduction of computers.

But now there is not only access but also the ability to store a lot of knowledge in it. Ever since computers and the Internet entered this new era. We do not have to wait long to get any information. Because through computer and internet, we can get the necessary knowledge by searching Google in just a few seconds. Also, students must complete assignments and projects given by the tutor.

Another application of the computer in life is that it has made the dream of distance learning a reality. Education is no longer limited to separate classes. Due to the availability of the Internet, distant points have become physically closer.

So even if students and teachers are at a distance, they can interact very well with each other.

at home Having a computer in the home, especially in this information age, is very useful and is another application of the computer in life. Computers in the workplace, schools and colleges are important and versatile for a variety of purposes. However, the use of personal computers at home can not be underestimated. Parents and children can benefit from having a personal computer at home in different ways. Children and parents use computers to communicate and have fun using email, chat, instant messaging and social media.

Computer applications

Computer applications

Computers facilitate the storage of many videos and educational data, facilitating the location of valuable files and information. Numerous work tools and software facilitate productivity including spreadsheets, PPT, word processor, editing and accounting software.

Learning all this is valuable for children and adults at home. Adults, even if they have the skills, talents, and work experience of operating systems such as freelancers, windows, etc., can even reap the many benefits of using an online computer. It is an infinite source of entertainment and knowledge for home members. It will be very useful.

In trade The use of computers in life can start a business, run and manage a business, and use it to grow a business. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and Alibaba are all websites created using computers and the Internet. We can not imagine the day-to-day business of the world without the use of computer technology. Today, everything is controlled and managed by computers. Businesses and companies use computers to do marketing and business planning, they use computers to record customer information, and to manage goods and services.

Almost all businesses use computers in their daily work. Microsoft Office for creating professional documents, creating spreadsheets for managing goods and services, and PowerPoint for presenting projects are also common these days. Using computers in business helps companies grow their customers faster, but it is challenging for companies and small business owners. Because customers have many options to choose the best product or service through the use of the Internet. Today, anyone can start their own home-based business. Freelancing is an example. Freelancers use computers and the Internet remotely from home.








































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