Computer motherboard parts

Computer motherboard parts

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Computer motherboard parts

Computer motherboard parts – Now that you recognise the whole thing approximately the case, you want to begin embedding the components internal it, and the primary aspect that comes to mind is the main board or motherboard. A computer with out a motherboard does no longer make sense as it connects all of the additives in some way.

Motherboards are generally divided into two fundamental classes: the ones which are compatible with AMD processors and people that assist Intel CPUs. These classes are comparable in every way and handiest their CPU socket is distinctive.

Motherboard dimensions
As we stated, motherboards are available specific styles and sizes; From the very small %-ITX models (dimensions one hundred × seventy two mm) to the big WTX fashions (dimensions 356 ۲ 425.5 mm). The two referred to are the largest and smallest motherboards, but in domestic / commercial programs we regularly stumble upon 3 fashions: ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX.

Computer motherboard parts

ATX motherboard

The ATX length is the most important size of an average Bazar motherboard and gives you the most upgrade alternatives. These motherboards have as a minimum five growth slots, at the least 4 RAM slots and a massive number of SATA ports (IDE ports are almost out of date). These motherboards used to be the principle choice of game enthusiasts, but now their use isn’t very vital.

However, because of the huge length of the motherboard, the distance among the elements is longer than other sorts of motherboards, and this will cause higher air move, specifically for folks that want to use more than one photographs cards.

Micro ATX motherboard

Micro ATX motherboards are now the maximum extensively used examples for gaming or informal use, and can also be discovered on ready-made computers, as they offer a precious mixture of charge, energy and dimensions. Those motherboards have among 2 and 4 enlargement slots, as much as 4 RAM slots and at least 4 SATA ports. But, because of their small size, you can need to devise ahead for finest component set up.

ITX Mini Motherboard

ITX mini motherboards have emerge as very popular in latest years, mainly for individuals who want small, portable computer systems. These devices are usually not very effective and meet normal wishes. Till a few years in the past, maximum ITX mini motherboards had onboard processors, but as the peripherals get smaller, we now see complete LGA 1151 or AM4 sockets that assist effective processors.

The pc components linked to the motherboard are all controlled and linked with the aid of a chipset. The motherboard has chipsets, Northbridge and Southbridge, which are shown within the photo under:

Computer motherboard parts

Within the image underneath, you could see the communique map of the Intel H77 chipset and the objects that each of the chips controls:

Who makes the chipset?

Although many groups make motherboards, the chipsets are primarily made by using the CPU manufacturer, AMD and Intel. Of course, there are exceptions. Nvidia, for instance, makes chipsets for each companies of processors and goals most game enthusiasts and professional users.

Chipset additives

As we stated, the chipset consists of special chips. The southbridge connects the CPU, RAM and pix card, and of route the south bridge. Of route, in new structures, the North Bridge does now not exist as a separate chip. With the design of modern-day processors, more capabilities may be executed with fewer additives, whilst the latency between additives (especially CPU and RAM) is reduced, overall performance is progressed, and the whole manufacturing price of the motherboard is reduced.

The North Bridge is also involved inside the overclocking process. Because the CPU speeds up, the temperature of the North Bridge will increase and it cools down more. The South Bridge additionally connects different components, external devices, audio structures and networks with the North Bridge.

Motherboard elements
Motherboards have numerous different parts, which we can assessment below.

CPU socket

The CPU socket is wherein the processor is placed. All contemporary CPU sockets use a few form of lever to lock the processor to the motherboard to establish an amazing connection among the pins. We have numerous fashions of CPU sockets that are extra or less comparable. In the image below, you can see 3 models of them:

Computer motherboard parts


The RAM slot, additionally called the DIMM (dual Line memory Module) slot, hosts laptop RAM. Most motherboards aid dual-channel RAM (with two or four slots). Three-channel RAM is basically located in server structure (besides for Intel 1355 socket chipset, which has three-channel RAM with six slots). The creation of DDR4 RAM also made it viable for domestic users to apply the 4-channel architecture.

Also notice the colour and number of slots engraved at the motherboard. Matched colours belong to a channel and are recognized through the device in range order. In the picture above, you usually ought to fill in the DDR3_1 first, however then the machine is a little greater flexible. When you have the equal RAM, it’s far better to apply two equal colors on the motherboard.

Energy socket

Clearly, the motherboard additionally desires power, and to try this, it has at the least most important sockets, 24-pin and four-pin, which you could see inside the image beneath. Of direction, in some motherboards, in preference to a 4-pin socket, we’ve got an eight-pin socket.

Computer motherboard parts

PCI and PCIe

The two maximum commonplace improvement gaps in computers are PCI and PCIe or PCI explicit. Those slots are usually used to connect hardware components to a pc. The PCI port is a piece older and slower but may be visible on maximum current motherboards. The PCI express port is faster and the most common version is the PCIe 16x, although there are 1x, 4x and 8x fashions, all of which can be visible within the photograph below.

PCIe slots come in a selection of sizes, and the larger the x, the longer. Similarly, all PCIe playing cards are well matched with all slots, which means that if your card is x1, it also works at the x16 port, but won’t carry out optimally.


Within the picture beneath, you could see a pretty modern-day motherboard with numerous connectors precise, and at the lowest of the photo, there are descriptions related to them:

The front panels are a sequence of pins used to attach exceptional components of the case panel, consisting of the electricity and reset buttons, power and hard power lighting, and the case’s internal speaker (which performs the primary beep of the machine Slowly).

Computer motherboard parts
The Serial ATA port changed into first added in 2003 as an opportunity to IDE to manipulate drives, and has made substantial development in view that then. In contrast to the IDE, the SATA port best helps one tool, but it’s far a good deal faster. The most velocity of the IDE was 133 Mbps, however SATA 3.2, delivered in 2013, can transfer information at a most velocity of sixteen Gbps. Further to the small port size and slim cables, the capability to switch quick (hot change) is any other advantage, which means that you may alternate the component connected to the SATA port without turning off the pc.
USB connectors are used to boom USB ports, and on more recent motherboards, we also see USB 3.Zero connectors. USB 2.Zero connectors have two 5-pin rows, but USB three.Zero connectors are 20-pin.
The front audio panel connector is used to connect the headphone jacks and the the front microphone to the motherboard. Maximum cases have two cables for audio connection, one labeled AC97 and the alternative categorized HD Audio, both of which healthy into the connector, but handiest one works.
PWM fan connectors also are used to attach case fans, whilst it’s also viable to govern the fan velocity via the connectors at the motherboard.

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