constellation Centaurus

constellation Centaurus

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constellation Centaurus

constellation Centaurus – The night sky is now, as it was thousands of years ago, a magical effect on an individual, with several alternating rings and constellations. Deb Akbar and Gavagan, the essence of Al-Kursi … Everyone is familiar with this name, it belongs to the Northern Hemisphere. South: The Great Dog, the South Cross, where the view of more than a hundred years is the smooth course of this period of the ship. And every constellation has its history, its legend, as it is known in the constellation of the Southern Hemisphere Centaurus.

The constellation Centaurus
It was named Centaurs (or Centaurs) and Chiron Oceanides Mills was born in Kronos. He became half human and half horse, like his father Cronus, who was captured by his wife, Rhea, who became a horse. With Chiron, he was very different from all the other centaurs. He was kinder, wiser. He has raised these ancient world heroes, such as Theseus, Achilles, Jason. Even with Chiron teaching Scalpius the famous art of healing. This centaur heroically gave his life to the imprisoned Prometheus, granting him immortality. For this action the gods are presented with Chiron up in the night sky, immortally turning it into the constellation Centaur forever.

General information about the constellation
The constellation Centaurus As it is known, it is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere, from the territory of Russia, unfortunately, do not seen. More precisely, it is theoretically possible to see part of it, but it is very close to the horizon, which is actually practically invisible Centaur. The constellation is best viewed at 26 degrees north and 90 degrees south. It can be clearly seen in the first half of spring, ie in March and April. For its size, this constellation occupies about 1060 square degrees and ranks ninth. This star cluster in the night sky contains 389 objects. All of them can be considered, without the use of any optics. Near Centaur are other constellations, such as the Wolf, the ship, Hydra, the South Cross. By the way, even before the seventeenth century the Southern Cross was not a separate element from the starry sky and was part of the constellation.

constellation Centaurus

The most famous objects of Centaurs
Proxima Centauri is the constellation Alpha Centauri or the man Tsentavrus – is one of the brightest stars that are part of the constellation. It has a magnitude of 0.7 and the whole system consists of a binary star – alpha and beta, as well as a red dwarf named Proxima Centauri. In a constellation, there is still to clear the star system, but it is still located so close to our planet? Proxima is 4.4 light-years from Earth. Not surprisingly, Proxima translates as “immediate.” However, the star had wild people who once lived in the Southern Hemisphere, due to a large number of different myths and stories. And Alpha Centauri is in its range, and its specific gravity is very similar to that of the Sun. In addition, the star addresses a planet similar to Earth.

Summary about other stars
In addition to stars such as Alpha and Proxima Centauri, the constellation is known, and other elements. For example, in it more and beta centaurs – the star of the first magnitude, or as it is called, Agen, which translates to mean “knee.” Another name for it is beta Centaurus (translated as “land”). Like Alpha Centauri, it consists of several stars, but, on the contrary, is located much more on Earth. Its distance from us is 525 light-years. Due to the amount of light, Centaurus beta takes tenth place in the night sky. One-third of the bright power of that star is from the constellation called Theta. However, it is called theta centaur, which means “centaur shoulder.” Dimensions – 2.06 magnitude, it is located 60 light-years from the solar system. Mention such famous stars in this constellation, like Lucy, for science – BPM 37093. This white dwarf is named after the song “Beatles”. The song is called “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9

Other objects of the constellation
The constellation can also boast of having so-called deep objects. That is far away star clusters and nebulae. One of these – a spherical cluster called NGC 5139. It can be safely attributed to the widest and brightest in the Milky Way galaxy. It contains several million stars that belong to the so-called population of 2, that is, those first seen in the starry sky. In the middle of this cluster, some stars are less than one-tenth of a light-year away from each other. This is also a cluster of stars located much closer to the solar system than another. Another of the Centaurus is a lens galaxy. Its number – NGC 5128. It has a very low level of star formation, it is located between the helix and the type of elliptical galaxies. In fact, it is composed of red stars, staying in the last stage of evolution. Its light is in the fifth. It is still possible to mention this nebula as NGC 3918. Sometimes called “South” and if you look at it through a telescope, it looks like a small blue circle, which resembles With the planet Neptune.

constellation Centaurus

Finally, a little
The constellation belongs to the family of constellations Hercules, one of the longest known constellations, shrouded in myth and legend. But, unless it is in the night sky? How many interesting things, from the unknown, are filled with starry skies. His secret was due to the crime of legends and tales. Many astronomical facts are now known to mankind, including, for example, the history of our planet. But there is still the question of what we are left alone in the world. We’re still figuring it out. It will probably take more than a hundred years. In the meantime, we can only speculate about the existence of extraterrestrial civilization.

Star Beta Centaurs
Beta Centauri is the eleventh brightest star in the night sky in the Centaurus. The star has an apparent magnitude of 0.61 and is about 300 light-years from Earth. In 1935, the young Dutch astronomer Wet discovered the presence of conjugate stars, which are recognized as a star from Earth because of their proximity to each other.

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