Dilip Kumar biography

Dilip Kumar biography


Dilip Kumar biography

Dilip Kumar biography – Mohammad Yusuf Khan is one of the most famous actors in Indian and the Indian cinema industry, who is known as Dilip Kumar and has been called the king of tragedy in the world of Bollywood. He is one of the actors who entered the world of cinema quite by accident but was able to achieve a very high position in the booming Bollywood film industry with a lot of effort and hard work. In a way, he was considered one of the living myths of this cinema.

Childhood and adolescence of Dilip Kumar

Mohammad Yusuf Khan or Dilip Kumar was born on December 11, 1922, in Pakistan to a family of 12. His family moved to Mumbai as a teenager. Regarding Dilip Kumar’s childhood and adolescence, you should know that most of his family members worked in the army or business, jobs that he was not interested in at all. So he chose to work in a restaurant. , But because it was expensive for him to hear the words of force, he left after a while and returned home. But the point is that returning home was not good for him either, and after a hard fight with his family, he left home and went to another city. But fate took him to Mumbai again.

During this time, Dilip Kumar engaged in a variety of activities, including turning, smoothing, and so on, until he took over a newspaper office. In this office, he was in charge of interviewing actors and celebrities. In fact, it can be said that working in this newspaper changed the course of his life in general; Because in one of his interviews with Devika Rani, this famous actor welcomed the kind of speech and behavior of Dilip Kumar and offered him to play in one of the films being made. In other words, in those days Devika Rani was The film that starred next to Bhatta and introduced Dilip Kumar as a new face to the director. Now we come to the biggest point of Yusuf Khan’s life. In fact, at that time, due to religious differences, most Muslim actors chose nicknames for themselves, and Yusuf Khan was no exception. In this way, he officially entered the world of Indian cinema by playing in this film.

Dilip Kumar biography

Begin professional activity – Dilip Kumar biography

As mentioned, Dilip Kumar made his acting debut for Joar Bhatta and later starred in two other dim films. But you should know that acting in the movie Django in 1974 brought him to the peak and Indian cinema recognized him as a new face in the world of Bollywood. Found Kapoor as well as Narges. The material success of this film played a huge role in making Dilip Kumar a star. It is noteworthy that the filmmaker broke the record for the best-selling Bollywood film in the same year; This record did not last long, however. 1982 and Karma in 1986 mentioned that each of them is one of the best-selling films in the Indian film industry. Dilip Kumar has acted in many films, but you should know that due to his family problems for a long time He decided to rest for 5 years, so he left the world of cinema. But Dilip Kumar returned to cinema in 1981 with an explosive performance in Cranty’s best-selling film, and after years of starring in Castle, officially announced his retirement.

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The private life of Dilip Kumar – Dilip Kumar biography

Regarding the personal and private life of Dilip Kumar, we first gave a brief description of your service, but you should know that he has lived a love life over the years. For the first time, he fell in love with Madhu Bala, a beautiful and attractive girl who was named the beautiful Bollywood angel. But this love did not last, and after a while, they separated and each went his own way. In fact, it can be said that many people were present in Dilip Kumar’s private life, but in the end, he married Saira Banu. , That this marriage exploded just like a bomb in the world of Bollywood. Saira Banu is the daughter of Nasim Banu, an actress in Indian cinema who was nicknamed “Fairy Face” because of her great beauty. The lack of children was felt in their lives, and many critics believe that this is one of the reasons why Dilip Kumar is away from the cinema.

Honors and Awards Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar is the first male actor to win the Best Actor award at the Film Fair. He holds eight Bollywood film awards along with Shah Rukh Khan, a Bollywood record holder.

Dilip Kumar biography

Dilip Kumar died on Wednesday, July 7, 2021, at the age of 98 in Mumbai. He was one of the first “method actors” of Indian cinema, who, along with Raj Kapoor and De Anand, formed post-independence Indian cinema in the 1950s and 1960s, leading to the emergence of “Indian film” today. They owe much to their efforts. The actor was born into a Muslim family in 1922 in the city of Peshawar, then part of the British Indian subcontinent, and which came to Pakistan after independence. Since India and Pakistan had severe religious differences after independence, which even led to war in some cases, when Yusuf Khan wanted to enter Bollywood, he chose the Indian name of Dilip Kumar to hide his Islamic identity. As a result, Kumar emerged as one of the greatest stars of Indian cinema and the first “method of actors” in Bollywood, so he is often compared to Marlon Brando, the star of American cinema. Accordingly, Kumar endured many hardships to prepare himself for various roles. For example, when he was supposed to play the role of a dying man on stage, he ran so far into the studio that he died. Elsewhere, he took a long time to learn to play a famous Indian traditional instrument, the sitar, in order to master a musical scene.

Kumar earned the title of “King of Tragedy” after starring in a number of tragic films. Many of his early films revolved around unrequited love. He ended “The Nun” (1950) by shedding tears over his beloved’s tomb, like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. In “Wish” (1950), the character of “Heathcliff” recreated the famous English novel “Windy Heights”. In “Meeting” (1951), he plays a blind man who obtains his sight through surgery, but when he realizes that his surgeon is in love with the woman he loves, he blinds himself again. Kumar in the 1970s, less He appeared on the silver screen. But a decade later, he returned to the stage with power, recreating his cinematic character as a “wise man.”

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