Dried plums

Dried plums


Dried plums

Dried plums-Benefits of dried plums for the liver
If you are thinking of increasing the health of your liver, eat more plums. This fruit will have wonderful properties in controlling and regulating liver bile. Dried plums can be useful in relieving the body’s bile. Vitamin C in this fruit eliminating liver diseases and eliminating urea. It will be wonderful to get acquainted with the different therapeutic properties of this fruit in this section.
Dried plums-Plum is an amazing fruit that is good for the nerves and its dried fruit is a treatment for anemia and is prescribed for diseases such as night blindness, gout, rheumatism, and atherosclerosis. Also, it has numerous benefits for bile and regulating the actions of all.
Although today, due to the advances made in agriculture, all fruits are present in every season and their properties can be used throughout the year, but God Almighty has arranged the seasons and fruits in such a way that each season requires food for the same season. Brings with him.

Dried plums-The products of each season can make up for the lack of the previous season, for example, in the cold season we face a variety of viral diseases that we need to consume a lot of vitamin C for equal safety, and all fruits of this season such as oranges, tangerines and lemons, and و .. are rich in this vitamin. Also, summer, when the body needs more water, is full of juicy fruits.
“Any cold food is suitable in summer and hot in winter, and moderate foods in spring and autumn and the amount of food consumed (or the amount of heat and cold) is the body’s natural strength and desire.”

Plums are a cure for pain
One of the seasonal fruits that should be used the most in its time is plum. Plums are known to cure liver disease, eliminate urea, uric acid, and blood lipids. It is also sedative and laxative and is very useful for people who suffer from constipation. Eating fresh plums suppresses heat, and soothes bile. Dried plums normalize the blood and eliminate deadly pain. It also relieves the itching of the body.

Dried plums

Cleansing the lungs and liver with Bukhara plums
The lung is a delicate organ whose greatest task is to fight polluted air. The lungs must fight the germs in the air to prevent contamination of the blood, which is used to nourish the body’s cells.
This means clearing the lungs and liver of oxygen. People who are smokers and their bronchi are diseased, people who have a lung infection, people whose lungs are dehydrated, those who have a fatty liver, even healthy people need to have their liver washed and cleansed to prevent lung disease.
Here are some tips to help you get started:

Dried plums-Dried plums (Bukhara)
These nuts are rich in potassium and are therefore very suitable for those with high blood pressure. Also, Bukhara plums are high in niacin, vitamin A and vitamin B6. Bukhara plum also contains a chemical called hydroxyphenyl isatin, which stimulates the soft muscles of the large intestine and makes them more efficient, and as a result, it is very useful for rinsing the lungs and liver.
.Epsom Salt Sulfate Salt Double Audit
.Cinnamon stick                                                                                                                                                                               .Turmeric
. Honey
This wash is done on 2 consecutive days.
For each day, pour half a kilo of plums + 4 to 5 glasses of water in a Pyrex container (it must be a glass container), boil it and brew it. Pour the cinnamon stick in the same boiling water. When the color of the water and the plum is completely changed (the plum takes on the color of the cinnamon stick and swells), remove it from the heat and after it cools down a bit, separate the water and the plum. Then mash the plums and put them in a strainer and strain them with a wooden spoon so that all the plum meat comes out of the strainer. Then pour the filtered plums into the same plum juice and wait for it to cool (fall from the heat) so that if we put the finger in the liquid, the finger will not burn. Then pour a tablespoon of turmeric and one and a half tablespoons of Epsom Salt sulfate salt into it and put the Pyrex dish in the refrigerator.
Between 3 and 7 a.m., we have time to drink 2 to 3 glasses of potion in the following way: Take the container out of the refrigerator and fill one-third of the glass with hot water and pour the rest of the glass into the potion, then 1 tablespoon of jam. Add honey, stir with a spoon and eat (we do this for each glass)
For breakfast, mix and use a potato, or an egg white + a carrot + three green beans + three steamed broccoli flowers and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Note: On these two days, we do not use fats, dairy products, jams, and food for breakfast at all.
We eat the remaining two glasses between 3 and 7 pm (pm). All these 5 glasses of potion should be divided between this hour and eaten slowly so that it is not expelled at once.
Take this potion every 6 months, just two days to feel its wonderful effect on washing your lungs and liver.

Dried plums

Some other properties of prunes:
Prevents skin aging.
It is a laxative.
It is full of energy.
Helps digest food.
Side effects of prunes:
Prunes are obtained from the dehydration of plums, which is why it is called prunes. Both purple and yellow plums, which are rich in nutrients and dietary fiber, are used. However, high consumption of prunes can have side effects such as Increase digestive problems, including diarrhea and laxative dependence.

Prunes cause diarrhea:
Many people have fructose intolerance in their diet and this condition can lead to abdominal cramps with diarrhea. Even people who do not suffer from fructose intolerance in their diet may have diarrhea after eating plums.
Another side effect of plums is that they are high in calories, so eating too many prunes and including them in your diet can sometimes turn into fat.

Dried plums cause bloating
Prunes are a strong laxative
Prunes cause intestinal gas and bloating:
Prunes contain complex carbohydrates and sugars that are not completely broken down in the digestive tract. Therefore, when these sugars reach the large intestine, the bacteria begin to feed on these carbohydrates, which cause the blood sugar to form. These fruits contain a lot of soluble fiber. This means that they have a great effect on blood sugar.

Prunes and Bukhara plum cause cancer:
The high concentration of acrylamide in plums is considered a carcinogen. Therefore, excessive consumption should be avoided.

How many prunes should be consumed?
As stated in the US Department of Agriculture, you should include one to two prunes a day in your diet. If you do not have a lot of fiber in your diet, you can consume four to five prunes a day.

Result :
We now know that prunes have their own health benefits as well as their own side effects. So consume them in moderation and be full of energy throughout the day.

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