Dutch bride's disease

Dutch bride’s disease


Dutch bride’s disease

Dutch bride’s disease Symptoms of Dutch bride disease and its treatment Dutch bride disease, treatment of Dutch bride lethargy Diseases of the Dutch bride When the bird is sick, there must be a proper diet against the disease. So in the first stage, the cause must be found and the bird disease diagnosed.
When the bird swells for a long time and has little mobility or snoozes on the floor of the cage, it can be said that the bird is suffering from a disease. When the bird is sick, there must be a proper diet against the disease.

the bird is sick

So in the first stage, the cause must be found and the bird disease diagnosed. Be Dutch bride’s disease sure to check the storage temperature is not less than 27 degrees Celsius. The proper temperature should be between 27 and 30 degrees Celsius and the temperature must be fixed at 30 degrees during the illness.

Symptoms of Dutch bride’s illness:

One reason the Dutch bride snoozes and the bird sleeps too much is a sign of the Dutch bride’s illness.

• Being lethargic and bored

Swelling of the bird for long hours and reluctance to feed

• Put your head on one of the wings for a long time

• Stool attachment to the bird’s anus

• Runny nose and eyes

• The presence of small insects inside the feathers and wings

• Sharpening of the sternum

Roasting feces (normal at egg and chicken time)

• Sit on the floor of the cage for a long time

Watery stools or stools that are not digested with millet are excreted

Anorexia with boredom

Boredom of a Dutch bride

For many Dutch brides-to-be, the question arises as to why their brides are often or sometimes lethargic or so-called lazy.

Cause and treatment of Dutch bride’s lethargy

The dullness of the Dutch bride can be due to various factors, which we will mention below, and before that, the important point is that not every sign mentioned can be definitively one of the signs of their bride, for example. Do not be mistaken in thinking that their bride is sick.

In general, the indifference and boredom of the Dutch bride can be expressed in the following cases.

Environmental conditions: Some owners keep their brides in environments such as Dutch bride’s disease (very cold or very hot environments and in direct sunlight or dark) that will cause the Dutch bride to get out of the environment and cause the bride to be lethargic. In some cases, this condition will cause the bride to become ill.

Dutch bride age: The age of the Dutch bride can affect her activities, for example, adult and young brides are very active, while young brides or older brides are the least active and in a state of lethargy. They say that chicken brides will be active after reaching the age of seven months, and old brides will always be bored.

Gender of the bride: Male brides are usually more active than female brides, while female brides will be most active only in the early morning hours.

Mental states: Usually single-minded brides will be isolated and dull if they are not taken care of by their owners.

Also, brides who have lost their partner in any way will be bored for a period of time due to dependence.

Nutrition: Nutrition also contributes to the boredom of the Dutch bride.

Due to malnutrition: Malnutrition will make the bird sick and inactive.

Intense drunkenness: Intense drunkenness of the Dutch bride causes abnormal immobility of the Dutch bride.

Overeating: causes the Dutch bride to be lethargic.

Intestinal and gastrointestinal problems: Due to difficulty in excretion, it will be completely lethargic and in some cases will be lost.

Filling period: At this time, the bride’s feathers begin to shed or will be so-called stained and will last up to 2 months.

Cause of Dutch bride napping, treatment of Dutch bride excessive napping
Types of illness of the Dutch bride

slimming disease

Dutch bride slimming disease:

Slimming disease Most young chickens are infected between the ages of 3 months and 9 months.

Symptoms: The sick Dutch bride quickly loses most of her flesh within 24 to 36 hours. Dutch bride’s disease The apparent symptoms of this disease are depression and lethargy of the bird, dull eyes and colorless tips of the tips and legs.

Occasionally there is a tremor. The sick bird reaches for water and food in a tense state, which indicates that the bird is suffering from severe internal pain and when it is released from this state, it falls into a deep sleep.

The cause of the disease: It is not completely clear yet, but it is often attributed to the food being dirty and deficient.

Treatment: Such a bird should be separated from other birds immediately. First, apply a drop of castor oil or olive oil to the bird’s throat, then remove all the hard, dry grains from its cage and place the soaked grains in its place. Cook and mix it in good water and sprinkle four or five drops of Gomme Arabique syrup and a small amount of poppy seeds on it and use antiseptic drugs for internal use such as Dianimol syrup or TPP. Pour drops into the sick bird’s drinking water.

The sick bird cage should also be exposed to direct sunlight during the day and completely cover the area around the cage at night. Warming the place of this bird is one of the early stages of its treatment.

If the patient shows signs of improvement after 48 hours, there is no need to use antiseptic drugs, but instead pour 5 drops of the mixture in his water: Aromatic Sulfuric Acid, Gentiana , And Colombo, mix equally with each and then pour 5 drops of it into the bird’s drinking water.

Symptoms of Dutch bride colds:

Puffiness, sneezing, watery eyes, chills, wheezing, red eyelids, stuffy nose, and sometimes a clear white patch run down the bird’s nose.

The Dutch bride has a cold with white diarrhea.

Treatment of Dutch bride colds:

To treat a Dutch bride with a cold, do the following:

Raise the ambient temperature.

Increase the humidity of the room and use incense.

Give the bird lukewarm liquids like boiled chamomile.

Use a multivitamin for Dutch brides.

Avoid bathing the bird during a cold.

Do not play with birds. Let him rest when he regains his health.

The food of sweet vegetables and oranges should be given to the bird every day, that is, Dutch bride’s disease change it twice a day in the morning and in the afternoon to prevent them from becoming sour and sour.

Important Note: If the common cold is advanced, you should take antibiotics and see a doctor.

Causes of Dutch bride colds:

Cold weather, Dutch bride not drying after bathing, weakening bird body, drinking cold liquids

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