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Famous authors American writer Tony Morrison has died News, Cultural News, Tony Morrison Tony Morrison, American author and first black woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, has died at the age of 88.
The family and publisher of Tony Morrison, a prominent American author, said in a statement that he had died at a medical center in New York City after enduring a short illness, the Guardian reported.

“Although his death is a great loss, we are grateful that he had a good and long life and was known to the audience through his works,” the statement said.

the statement said

Known for five decades of writing about the experiences of black Americans, he worked first Famous authors as an editor and then as an author of major novels in American literary history.

Tony Morrison, originally named Chloe Waford, is a writer and university professor who has won Nobel Prizes in Literature and Pulitzer Prizes.
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He is described as a writer whose novels are full of visual forces and poetic themes and bring to life the reality of American life.

“Beloved”, “The Blueest Eye”, “Love”, “Song of Solomon”, “House” and “A Forgiveness” are among the most important novels of this author.

The famous American author won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993. His work is known for its epic atmosphere, lively dialogue, and portrayal of black American characters. In 2010, he was awarded the French Legion of Donor.

Morrison is the first black woman to hold a chair of her own name at one of America’s largest universities (Princeton University). She is also the first black American woman to receive the Nobel Prize.

Olga Tokarchuk, the 15th woman to win the Nobel Prize in Literature

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With the introduction of Olga Tokarchuk as the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, the prize seems to be serious in its decision to “stay away from populism”.
According to ISNA, the Nobel Academy today (Thursday, October 10) in a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden, “Polish woman writer Olga Tokarczuk” and Austrian author “Peter Handke” as the winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2018 and 2019 Introduced. Earlier, the head of the academy said that by rejecting the “people-centered” and “European-oriented” attitudes, the Nobel Prize could regain its place. Although this year’s winners are also from Europe, once again the name of a woman is seen as the winner of this award. The name “Olga Tokarchuk” was also mentioned in the predictions for the selection of the Nobel Laureate in Literature.

The author, the 15th female author to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, is the third woman to be named Nobel Laureate in Literature in recent years, after Alice Monroe in 2013 and Svetlana Aleksievich in 2015. Other female writers have won the Nobel Prize in Literature since 2000, Alfrieda Yelink in 2004, Doris Lessing in 2007, and Herta Müller in 2009.

Looking at the list of winners of the Nobel Prize in Literature, we find that in recent Famous authors years, the prize has paid more attention to women writers; In previous years, the distance between the selection of women in this award was longer. Other Nobel Prize-winning female writers awarded since 1901, most of whom have been selected by men, include Wis ویawa Simburska 1996, Noni Morrison 1993, Nadine Gordimer 1991, Nelly Sachs 1966, Gabriella Mistral 1948 , Grazia Delda 1926 and Selma Lagerlov 1909.
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Sweden’s Selma Lagerloff was the first woman to win this honor for the women’s community in 1909, eight years after the first Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded. Female writers have waited 17 years to receive the second Nobel Prize in Literature. Grazia Delda was an Italian writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1926. Siegrid Ondest of Norway became the third Nobel laureate three years later, and Pearl Buck was an American writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature 10 years later in 1939 for a clear account of life in China.

The fifth Nobel Prize in Literature for Women was awarded in 1945 to a Chilean poet named Gabriella Mistral. In 1966, Swedish poet and playwright Nelly Sachs was nominated for the Nobel Prize, and in 1991, Nadine Gordimer was named the seventh female winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. She was followed by Tony Morrison as the first African American woman to win the Nobel Prize in 1993. Three years after the author of the novel “Beloved”, a prominent Polish poet named Wisواawa Szymborska, who died in February 2012, received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

The next female author to win the world’s most important literary award was Alfrida Yelink. German Herta Müller is the 2009 winner of this literary award. Alice Monroe, an 82-year-old Canadian writer, also won the award in 2018. Also in 2015, Belarusian writer Svetlana Alekseevich was the last woman to win the most important literary award in the world before Olga Tokachurk.

Louis Gillick, winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature

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A few minutes ago, the Nobel Academy announced the American author Lewis Gillick as the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2020, so that after 27 years, the Nobel Prize in Literature will once again reach an American writer.
The winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature went to American poet Lewis Click, according to the news agency. Gilik was described as “a poetic voice without error who universalizes human existence with hard work.” According to the Nobel Academy, Famous authors Click is happy to hear the news, and the winner will be awarded digitally in December.

Giliek is mentioned as a poet whose poems are in fact the narration of his own biography. She served as the Queen of American Poets from 2003 to 2004. His work is known for the intensity of emotion and the combination of myths, history, and nature to reflect on modern human experiences.

The 77-year-old American author has won several major awards in the United States, including the US National Humanitarian Medal, the US National Book Award, the American Critics Circle Award, and the Bowlingen Award.

Explaining his decision to nominate Gilik as the winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature, a member of the Nobel Committee said: “The voice of Gilik is frank and honest and shows that this poet likes to be understood. He also has an attractive sense of humor.

Even if he has a strong history of writing autographs, he should not be called a recognized poet. He seeks globalization. “Three elements always occur in his poems: the subject of family life, hard-working and at the same time ironic intelligence, and a glorious sense of writing.”

According to Alfred Nobel’s will, the Nobel Prize is awarded to “a person who has created a remarkable work in the ideal direction in the field of literature.” One hundred and sixteen winners have been announced in the literature category so far, with women receiving 15 awards. Last year, Polish author Olga Togarchuk was selected as the 2018 winner. This year’s cash prize will be ten million Swedish kronor ($ 866,700).

According to Alfred Nobel's

Last year, Olga Togarchuk and Peter Handke were selected as the winners of 2018 and 2019. The Nobel Prize in Literature, which normally announces its winner annually, was not held in 2018 because the Swedish Academy announced that Nobel Prize winners were exposed to moral scandals, corruption, and some members’ disobedience to the Nobel Rules for not disclosing nominees to the public. Was charged.

This year, Anne Carson and Jamaica Kinkid were named as two possible candidates to Famous authors win the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2020, and experts believe that following last year’s events, the Nobel Academy is trying not to make a risky choice and to be cautious.

Maris Kandeh, winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature, Lyudmila Olitskaya, Russian writer, Haraki Murakami, Japanese writer, Margaret Atwood, Canadian writer, Nogogi Tiango, novelist, playwright, and Kenyan poet, among others. Were raised this year.

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