Growing an apple tree

Growing an apple tree


Growing an apple tree

Growing an apple tree Methods of planting apple trees Apple tree, apple tree photo, apple tree cultivation Planting an apple tree The apple tree is one of the oldest fruit trees of prehistoric times that has different species. Apple tree is suitable for areas with cool climate and annual rainfall of 1000 mm.
Apple tree profile
Apple tree has different species and is considered a fruitful tree. Apple fruit is used Growing an apple tree for fresh food, compote, jam, etc.

The apple tree needs sunlight, the right temperature, the right soil, fertilizer and irrigation to grow.

Apple fruit is round, spherical and fleshy, which is available in different colors of red, yellow, black, green and..

History of the apple tree
Apple is one of the fruits that has been used in ancient times and even prehistoric times. The oldest artifacts found in excavations near Switzerland are a fossilized apple from prehistoric times.

In all cool climates, apples have been a very important food. Apples can be stored for months while still retaining their nutritional value.

profile of apple tree

Complete plant profile of apple tree:

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There are different types of apple trees

There are different types of apple trees and so far more than 7500 types of apple trees Growing an apple tree have been identified. The most famous types of apples are Golden Apple, Maknitash Apple, Red Apple, Emperor Apple and. Varieties.

Some types of apples are sweet and others have a relatively sour taste with several apple seeds in the center.

Apple tree is suitable for cold and cool weather and does not flower in hot weather.

The flower bowl of the apple tree is hairy and has oval petals. The flowers of the apple tree are white and red and have a few petals that create a beautiful landscape in spring when they bloom. These beautiful flowers and blossoms eventually turn into apple fruit.

The branches are razor-sharp and the leaves are simple, leathery green with fine grooves, with long, pointed edges and sharp, oval heads.

The apple fruit appears as a single cluster that is attached to the tree by a thin stem.

Apple trees alone are not able to pollinate and should be artificially pollinated by wind and insects, especially bees. Apple growers and growers use the queen bee for pollination as well as pollen transfer.

Apple tree propagation methods:

Apple tree planting, apple tree planting and maintenance, apple tree and fruit
Apple tree is propagated in different ways through seeds, cuttings, dormancy, pruning and transplanting.

The apple tree is propagated in different ways through seeds, cuttings, dormancy, pruning and transplanting.

Propagation of apple tree by seeds:
To propagate an apple tree, you must first prepare its seeds. The seeds of the apple tree are easily obtained and it is enough to divide an apple fruit in half and put the seeds inside it and put it in a wet paper towel. Then put the napkin in a plastic bag and keep it in the refrigerator for a month. When the seeds start to germinate, plant them in a pot and water. When the germinated seed emerges from the soil and reaches a certain level of growth, transfer it to the main soil.

Propagation of apple tree by cutting method:
This is the easiest way to propagate an apple tree. In this method, all you have to do is cut Growing an apple tree a branch from the tree with a sharp knife and then make a hole in the soil and plant the cuttings in it and irrigate. You can use rooting hormone to speed up rooting.

Propagation of apple tree by dormancy method:
In the method of soaking, plant a part of the plant branch that has a suitable height in the soil, for this purpose, create a pit and put the branch inside it and cover it with suitable and soft soil. After a while, the branch will take root, at this time Remove the branch from the part that is in the soil.

Growing an apple tree through cuttings:
Planting a tree is very easy from the cuttings, take out the pimples that grow next to the tree from the soil and then plant it in the main ground and in the pit. If the pimples are too small, you can also use a pot.

Apple tree transplant:
Transplanting is another way to propagate an apple tree. In the abdominal transplant of an apple tree, a branch of an apple tree should be selected as a base and a T-shaped slit should be gently created on it. And with the back of a grafting knife, we lift the skin and put the bud inside it, and at the end, we close the place with cotton thread or elm bark. After 10 to 12 days, it can be recognized that the grafting of the apple tree is successful. Or not, and then after the growth of the scion, the rest of the base should be cut and tied to a guardian.

Soil required for planting apple trees

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Apple tree is not very sensitive to soil and can grow in all soils

Apple tree is not very sensitive to soil and can grow in all soils, but light and medium soils are more suitable for this tree.

The distance of apple trees and their density at planting depends on the type of soil, climatic conditions and type of cultivation.

Soil texture and its permeability to air have a significant effect on fruit quality. Sandy-clay soils are preferred to heavy clay soils or very light rocky and sandy soils.

Suitable temperature

Suitable temperature and climatic conditions for planting and maintaining apple trees
The best climate for growing an apple tree is humid and cold. In areas with annual rainfall of Growing an apple tree more than 500 ml, apple trees grow well. Cooling of flower buds requires 800 to 1500 hours at a temperature below 7 ° C.

The best areas for planting an apple tree are areas where in the coldest case the minimum temperature is 20 to 25 degrees Celsius below zero and in the hottest case the maximum temperature of that area is 38 degrees above zero.

Areas with temperatures exceeding -40 ° C in winter are not suitable for growing apples. Also, 1300 to 2200 meters above sea level is suitable for planting apple trees.

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