Hear the sound of plants

Hear the sound of plants


Hear the sound of plants

Hear the sound of plants Build a device to hear the heartache of plants! The device for recording and translating electrical signals of plants was first produced by a Swiss company.

A device for talking plants, making a device for hearing the sound of plants

Plant signal receiving device

Talking to plants is good for them to grow faster, but how can you listen to them?

The Swiss company Vivent has developed a device that gives plants a “sound”.

This device can enable humans to track and evaluate plant activity and better understand and manage them.

Plant signal receiving device, benefits of talking to plants

With this device, humans can track and evaluate plant activity

PhytlSigns uses two electrodes, one placed in the ground and the other attached to a plant leaf or stem to measure plant voltage.

As soon as a change

As soon as a change in voltage is detected by the electrodes, a speaker connected to Hear the sound of plants the device emits a loud shout. The louder the sound, the faster the voltage changes. But the reason for these changes in the plant and their cry is still unknown.

This device is equipped with three parts: receiver, processor and signal transmitter to smart phone. In fact, the information received from the root or leaf of the plant after processing is informed to the user in the form of visual symbols.

The Phytl Signs Explorer is not only suitable for entertainment, but it can also be used to check the health of plants and prescribe appropriate medicines.

A device for hearing the sound of plants, the efficiency of a device for hearing the sound of plants

Plant signal detection device can check the health status of plants

According to the information published by the manufacturer, the plant owner can use this device to obtain information such as plant nutrition status, soil richness, plant water status and plant silence or calm.

Researchers believe that plants communicate with each other using light electrical signals.

Electrical signals found in plants were first discovered in 1873, but to date no method has been provided for receiving and translating plant electrical signals.

Images of a device for hearing the sound of plants, a device for detecting plant signals

This device is equipped with three parts: receiver, processor and signal transmitter to smart phone

Build a device to hear the sound of plants, the reasons for the rapid growth of plants

Hear the sound of plants with a signal recognition device

Seven astonishing discoveries in physics

Introduction to the discoveries of physics, new discoveries in physics

Folding light is one of the new discoveries in physics

Seven parts of the most amazing discoveries have been introduced following the successive and great discoveries that have taken place in physics over the months and years.

Physics has recently been able to reveal parts of the intangible and invisible parts of the world to humans. From tying optical fibers to detecting antimatter. LiveScience introduces seven of the most amazing new discoveries in physics.

Ghost enclosure:

One of the strangest predictions of quantum theory is that particles can be trapped, so that Hear the sound of plants even if particles separate in space when a phenomenon occurs in relation to one of them, the other particle can be trapped relative to one. That phenomenon reacts by itself. In June last year, scientists announced that they had succeeded in measuring the amount of particle engagement in a new type of particle system, a system consisting of two pairs of vibrating particles. This is the first time that scientists have been able to obtain the motion pattern of trapped particles. A phenomenon that can be considered an icon of a larger world.

Light knotting:

It may seem that light travels in a straight line, but recently a way has been devised to tie it. In January of this year, researchers reported that they were able to block laser beams using a computer-controlled hologram. The hologram, which controls the flow of light, was designed to direct light in a specific shape and direction. In this discovery, a range of mathematical sciences called node theory was used to study nodes obtained in light.

Creating a new particle of antimatter:

By colliding two particles at a speed close to the speed of light in an atomic collider, scientists have created a new type of matter that has never been seen before: antihypertreton. This particle is amazing in many ways because it is not an ordinary substance and it is an antimatter that will destroy it whenever it comes in contact with ordinary matter. Anti-hypertrophy is also a particle called an alien substance because it is composed of rare parts called alien quarks.

called alien quarks

Construction of floating magnetic points to achieve cosmic nuclear energy:

Nuclear energy, the combination of the nuclei of atoms inside stars, is one of the long-term goals that humans have been pursuing. If scientists can achieve this energy, they have in fact reached a powerful source of energy that has little negative environmental impact. In January 2010, scientists came one step closer to achieving this energy source by announcing the construction of floating magnets that could provide the conditions needed to produce this energy.

Folds the light of matter:

While it is natural to observe the deflection or curvature of light by matter, seeing the Hear the sound of plants bending of matter by light is one of the strangest phenomena physicists have ever observed. The phenomenon was reported in an experiment in March this year, during which scientists spun strands of nanoparticle ribbons by striking light rays.

Amazing triplets:

Using lithium atoms, scientists were able to recreate one of the ancient mathematical symbols called “bromine rings”. These rings are three tangled rings that if removed from each of them, all three rings will be separated from each other. Physicists have known in the past that particles have the ability to form such rings, but so far no one has been able to create this symbol. These rings were introduced in December 2009, forty years after physicists first predicted this particle property.

Quark-Glon Soup:

Another amazing piece of physics was discovered by the Brookhaven Hear the sound of plants collider in February this year. In an experiment, the collider was able to create a quark-gluon or quark-gluon soup combination in which protons and neutrons are broken down into their main building blocks, quarks and gluons. The experiment was carried out by a powerful collision of a gold atom at a temperature of 4 trillion degrees Celsius, which is 250,000 times hotter than the center of the sun and equal to the conditions that existed after the birth of the universe. It is also the highest temperature to Had to be created on earth.

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