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Judi Dench


Judi Dench

Judi Dench is one of the pioneering and prominent English actors who is definitely one of the most honored actors in the field of theater and drama. Launched in 1957 with Old Vic, he made a number of appearances in several Shakespearean plays in his early years. He has played the lead role in almost all of these plays. Judi appeared in the play Hamlet as Ophelia, in Romeo and Juliet as Juliet, and in the play Macbeth as Lady Macbeth. Several film roles won the prestigious BAFTA Award in 1968 for his role in the film Cabaret. Undoubtedly, in the first twenty years of his career, he established himself as one of the few leading figures in world theater and British in nature. During these years, he had a continuous and admirable activity with the British National Theater and Shakespeare’s Royal Company. Repeat. Judi then appeared for thirteen years, from 1992 to 2005, in the second television series of her career, “And as Time Passes.” For most of his acting career, he has not lost touch with the theater, and it can be said that his films only happened in the empty time between his theaters.

Dench’s landmark films include a series of James Bond films starring Em, the head of MI6, the British spy agency. His last appearance in the James Bond series dates back to 2015 and the movie Specter. He has also won numerous awards for his role in the 1986 film Room with a View. Dench has been nominated for seven Academy Awards, including one for Shakespeare in Love. Jodi Dench has been nominated for Ms. Brown, Chocolate Iris, and several other films. Is. In addition to this Oscar, Judi’s artistic career awards list is countless. He has also won the BAFTA Award six times, the TV BAFTA Award four times, and the Olivier Theater Award seven times. Other prestigious awards include the Tony Award, two Golden Globes, and two SAGs. In 2001 and 2011, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from BAFTA and Olivier.

Judi Dench’s childhood and adolescence

Dench was born on December 9, 1934, in Yorkshire, England. He still resides in London. His mother, Elanora, was born in Dublin, Ireland, and his father, Arthur, was an English physician who met Judi’s mother during a trip to Ireland and at Dublin Medical University. One of Judi’s brothers, Jeffrey, is also an actor.

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Dzhudi Dench first appeared in the theater in 1957 as an actor. Her first role in the production was Ophelia’s “Hamlet.” The theater where he started, called “OldVicCompany”. Ophelia, a friend of his critics, soon starred in the lead role in “Romeo and Juliet” by Joe’s Franco Zeffirelli. From 1961, Dzhudi Dench began acting at the Royal Shakespeare Theater. He appeared in almost all productions, talents included in various Shakespearean heroes. It is not surprising that it has been named among the best actress since the post-war years. How many times have I recognized Dzhudi Dench himself, Shakespeare in his youth it inspired him to open up a new dimension of acting and keep moving forward.

The first role of the film

Almost immediately after his appearance, the actor on stage began to play in a movie. Films with Dzhudi Dench began appearing in 1964. The first of them was called “The Third Secret”. Judi was a very popular actress, and her filmmaking began to grow rapidly. Now in 1966, he was awarded the BAFTA Prize. He was the most promising newcomer to the award, winning for his role in “Morning of the Four of Us.” Dzhudi Dench fell in love with critics and the role in the film in his youth “Midnight Night Dream”. Judi’s role in the film was very clear. We were Dench, not only in the film, he works in television, as well as in the television series “Where is my bluff?” Appeared, for example, in the daily program, “Today”.

Judi Dench


In the early seventies noticed significantly less steel Dzhudi Dench on the cinema screen and stage. The actor admits that his family has always been important, therefore, his daughter’s marriage and appearance have distracted him from stressful jobs for some time. Judi’s husband, actor Michael Little Williams, was a daughter in 1972, Tara Cressida. The actress was ready to become a housewife, but her husband did not strongly advise her to leave the cinema: she knew that was her real goal. While the child was very young, Judi periodically appeared on stage in the theater. When the girl grew a little, the actress began to work actively on British television. During this time he appeared in the television series “Parkinson”, “Film 72”, “Canada Before noon”, “Arena”. In addition, Dzhudi Dench, a filmmaker who appeared primarily from the large-scale tape included in the TV movie “My Homeland”. Before the beginning of the eighties, he also appeared in the TV series “At the South Bank” and “Children in Need”.

Begin professional activity

As we have said, Judi has been in the theater for most of her career. The list of his great performances is so long that only at the bottom of the list we can mention a shortlist of films in which he has appeared. Dench’s famous plays include McBeth, The Importance of Being Ernest, Other Places, and A Fistful of Lies; He has won the most prestigious awards in the theater industry for him. Peter and Alice pointed out. Judy Dench’s latest show, Winter Stories, 2016, earned her the prestigious Olivier Award.

Dench’s private life

Judi married British actress Michelle Williams in 1971 and was with her for thirty years until 2001 when she died. They have a daughter, Finty Williams, who is also an actress.

List of Dench Awards and Honors

Dench has won 56 prestigious international awards during her nearly 70 years of artistic activity and has been nominated for an acting award for a total of 204 awards. In the following, we will mention only some of his most important awards.

Oscar :

1998: Winner of Best Supporting Actress for Shakespeare in Love

And 6 nominations for Ms. Brown, Chocolate, Aris, Ms. Thunderson, Scandal Notes, and Filomena

Judi Dench


1965: Winner of Best Actor among New Faces for 4 Morning

1986: Best Supporting Actress in a Scenery Room

1988: Best Supporting Actress for Dirty Hands

1997: Best Actress in a Leading Role for Ms. Brown

1998: Best Supporting Actress for Shakespeare in Love

2001: Best Actress in a Leading Role for Iris

He has also been nominated for the award nine more times.

He has won the BAFTA for Best Actor four times and has been nominated for the award eight more times.

Golden Globe :

She has won acting awards for Ms. Brown and The Last of The Blonde Bombshells.


During her long career in the theater, Judi Dench has won seven acting awards from Olivier (one of the most prestigious world theater awards).


In 1999, he won Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in the Army (Tony is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of theater acting).

In 1998, he received the Royal Order of the Dame from the Queen of Britain.

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