Kanye West Biography


Kanye West Biography

Kanye West Biography – Kanye West’s vivid views and life outside of his music have been the focus of media attention. She has been the subject of much debate over her behavior and speeches on television and at awards ceremonies, her controversial posts on social media, as well as her statements about music and the fashion industry, US policies, and racism. Kanye West showed his fans on Twitter that he had voted for himself in the US election.

Early life

Kanye West was born on June 8, 1977, in Atlanta, USA. His father was a photographer and his mother was a university professor. They divorced when West was 3 years old. West has been interested in art since he was a child and wrote his first poem when he was only 5 years old. His mother says West was very interested in music and painting in the third grade. He started singing rap when he was in the third grade, and he started making music when he was in the seventh grade, and he even sold some of them to some artists.

Kanye West and the 2020 US Election

Kanye West’s music activity is characterized by dramatic changes in different styles. He has also been responsible for cultural movements and progress in mainstream hip-hop and popular music. Born in Atlanta, West grew up in Chicago. He became the producer of Roc-A-Fella Records in 1999 and the early 2000s, producing songs for artists such as Jay-Z, Ludacris, and Alicia Keys. West’s mother was the director of his programs and the inspiration for many of his songs and music. Kanye West’s mother died in 2007 at the age of 58 from heart disease during plastic surgery. In his first concert since the incident, West sang “Hey Mama” to his mother. A few months later, she separated from her fiancé Alexei Pfeiffer.


Music profession – Kanye West Biography

Early in his career, Kanye West showed off his remarkable abilities as a producer on Jermaine Dupri’s Life in 1472, and after moving to New York, he made a name for himself by producing music for Roc-A-Fella Records. Especially on Jay-Z’s 2001 album Blueprint. There was a lot of demand for music from West after that, but he decided to make music for himself and pursue a career as a rapper. When he finally released his solo album, The College Dropout, in 2004, it was a huge success, boosting sales, and critics of Kanye West’s sonic subtlety and clever words in his songs, which combined humor, faith, and insight. And it was political awareness, especially on songs from his albums like Through the Wire and Jesus Walks.

Kanye West’s next big hit was the Grammy Award for Best Rap Song in 2005, and West also won Best Rap Album and Best Rhythm and Blues Award that year. After that, Kanye West’s success and becoming a star went in a completely smooth direction and his fame increased day by day. He won three more Grammy Awards in late 2005 with the release of the singles Diamonds from Sierra Leone and Gold Digger and continued to do so for many years. He has won 21 victories in various categories, which is a proud record in the world of music. Along with his own albums and solo songs, the artist is known as a producer and composer of music for many artists such as Nas, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and many others.

The story of Kanye West and Taylor Swift

In 2009, when Taylor Swift took the stage at the MTV Video Music Awards to win Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West took the stage and performed in front of millions of viewers on live shows. Taylor interrupted Swift and said:

Taylor, I’m really happy for you, but Beyoncé’s music video is one of the best videos in history. After hearing this, Taylor cries and leaves the awards scene, and this incident becomes one of the most sensational news in the world at that time. It even gets to the point where Barack Obama talks about it and that the West has not done the right thing. After this incident, Kanye West was criticized a lot. Although he apologizes to Taylor many times, there are many adventures that follow, and this incident brings with it a lot of margins, and still, after about 10 years of this story, sometimes users talk about him again.

The truth about his personal life – Kanye West Biography

In 2010, for example, Taylor sneered at West with the song “Innocent” at MTV, leading to Kanye West suing Taylor Swift. This story continues until the song “Famous Kanye West” is released in 2016. Part of Kanye West’s famous song was about Kanye and Taylor’s relationship and the use of fake and vulgar words, which caused a wave of criticism and dissatisfaction from listeners and fans to break everything again between these two famous singers. After seeing the rumors, West claimed that he had spoken to Taylor on the phone and asked her for permission for the song. But Taylor said the permission did not include West’s use of such obscene words and that West had no right to use those words. However, the incident that took place in 2009, after years, still does not leave these two stars and no one knows when these troubles will finally end! You can also read this article to read Taylor Swift’s biography.


Marriage of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West is married to Kim Kardashian, a rich and famous actress, model, and entrepreneur. They have been in a relationship since 2012, got engaged in October 2013, and their marriage in Italy in 2014 shocked the world. Kim Kardashian was born on October 21, 1980, in Los Angeles. Kim Kardashian is the son of Kris Jenner, a well-known writer, producer, and businessman. Kardashian gave birth to her first daughter is 2013 and her son in 2015, after which the couple had two more children through a rented womb in 2018 and 2019. Of course, the two separated in 2020!

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Kanye West is famous

From the very beginning of his entry into the world of music, West had shown his interest in the industry and the world of fashion and clothing design. In September 2005, West announced that it would launch its pastel line in the spring of 2006. He stated that he intends to launch a new clothing production line. The same thing happened, but despite progress over the next four years, the line was canceled in 2009. Kanye West launched the DW Kanye West line of women’s clothing in 2011 and in 2012, at Paris Fashion Week, it showed its second fashion line. In May 2017, West and his wife Kim Kardashian launched a Kids Supply line. The second set of this product line was released in July 2017.

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