Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau


Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau (born February 6, 1963, in Lane, Massachusetts) is an American entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, and one of the top law enforcement professors. His father, Robert Trudeau, was a welder, and their family was financed by a small welding shop, which meant that Trudeau’s family was not in a very good financial position.

Kevin Trudeau’s childhood
Trudeau was very interested in lessons and his many studies made him mentally superior to his peers in 1981 he was introduced as the top student of his school. Trudeau entered the market at the age of 17 Buying and Selling Used Cars He started a business to buy and sell cars, although he was successful in the business of buying and selling cars and had a significant income. According to Trudeau, these classes were his first step in personal success and the law of attraction. Trudeau entered the networking industry in 1993 to earn more money, and by using the rules he was able to obtain through his personal studies and research, he achieved great financial success in this job and made a considerable wealth of Acquired a networking job.

Trudeau’s first activity
Trudeau started his career in television through a friend. He made teasers for various companies as well as short TV commercials. In his book (Natural Remedies) Trudeau mentions that “they” do not want you to know! The book also makes various claims about food safety and health, and also states that diseases such as cancer can be treated with natural ingredients. He also believes that the pharmaceutical industry is actively suppressing these miracles in order to benefit from the treatments he has invented. Trudeau critics point to his criminal history and warn buyers to follow his advice and opinions. He has been called a confident salesman and a deceptive marketer, but Trudeau’s commercials have been quite successful nonetheless. According to the New York Times, on Sunday, September 25, 2005, Trudeau’s book (Natural Remedies) is the first best-selling science fiction book in the United States.

Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Mark Trudeau
Quinn’s writings and books are full of tips on health, diet as well as financial inefficiencies that are spread all over the world. Quinn Trudeau quickly became the most popular consumer advocate. He became known for his business and the people, and promised a “positive impact on the whole people.” Quinn claims to have used the products sold by his companies and is 100% satisfied with them. . Kevin is personally responsible for everyone around the world, and he is aware of how governments and big businesses try to encourage people to advertise products that could jeopardize the profits of large multinational corporations. Quinn spends most of her time running a website that offers training in natural remedies and also has a website that exposes government abuse and corruption. Quinn is actively seeking accountability from companies, government agencies, and individuals who abuse middle-class consumers. He has also formed various foundations to pursue these goals and has dedicated himself to this goal. (Your dream course is your order) is one of the most visited and famous courses of Trudeau.

Biography of Kevin Trudeau
The course was held for 13 hours in the Alps and according to Trudeau and the people who attended the course, rich and famous people, as well as many politicians from the United States and around the world, also attended the course, but these people are present. People were not aware of their existence in this period, so Trudeau did not name them in this period and published this period in audio so that no pictures and videos of this period would be published. This law teacher Attraction believes that we can achieve whatever we wish for. In other words, our dreams can be easily achieved. It is enough for us to believe that we will achieve them.

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biography, diary
In 1990, he was fined $ 80,000 for a small mistake on a check, which he paid in 30 days, and a year later, in 1991, he was sentenced to two years in prison for changing his credit card information. As for the check, he mentions with mathematical calculations that it was not a mistake on his part and that the bank made mistakes. As for the bank card, he explains that when one of his credit cards was closed, he was delayed for a week. In repaying the loan, he was forced to delete the middle name “Mark” and create other accounts, which after a few years has faced a legal problem. Even after his release from prison, he did not believe that such a simple mistake had led to his being found guilty.
He is also considered fraud because he used the word “doctor of the mind” when selling memory boosters (he used the word jokingly!) In such a way that the bank considered him to be real, He is a doctor and this has led to him being accused of fraud.

Kevin Trudeau

Trudeau’s books
Trudeau Memory-Mega Memory Tutorial-2005
Debt treatment that they do not want you to know about – 2005
The Book of Natural Remedies They Do Not Want You to Know – 2006

Weight Loss Treatment Book That They Do Not Want You to Know About – 2007
The audiobook of your dream is your order – 2009
Treating the Recession: Getting Rich in Hard Times – Trudeau – 2009
Adrenaline fatigue and chronic fatigue: How do I stop my nightmares? -1010
Free Money Books They Do Not Want You to Know About -2010
Your dream book is your order – 2011
The book of natural remedies (nutrition and diet) -Queen Trudeau -2012
Natural Pain Book – Trudeau – 2014

Medical experience
A general criticism by Quinn consumer groups is that Trudeau has received no medical training. Trudeau responds that he is not optimistic about the drug companies and the FDA, even without such training, and points out that doctors are only concerned with how to write instructions for prescribing “medicine” as well as ” “Cutting the anatomy of a person’s body” are trained.

False claims
In August 2005, the New York Consumer Inspectorate warned consumers that Trudeau had used false allegations to justify and promote his products, noting that misinformation had been printed on the cover of Natural Remedies. In addition, the NYCPB states that in Trudeau’s television commercials, “misinformation about chemotherapy in favor of the ‘natural remedies’ mentioned in Trudeau’s book was stated by the presenter. The same presenter stated before his death (from cancer) Trudeau’s information was incorrect and he resumed his chemotherapy.

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