Kivanc Tatlitug


Kivanc Tatlitug

Kivanc Tatlitug is a Turkish actor born in 1983 in Turkey. In addition to acting, he is also active in the field of modeling. One of his most famous roles is the role of Mohannad in Forbidden Love. It is not bad to know that the main work of the Kivanc family is a bakery.

Meet the actor Kivanc Tatlitug

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ (born October 28, 1983) is a Turkish actress and model. Kivanc in Turkish means pride and Tatlitug is composed of two parts, “Tatli” meaning sweet, and “Tough” (a kind of old national emblem). He loves basketball and says that although he is social, he does not talk much. Tatlitug was born in the city of Adana in southern Turkey. He has 4 siblings. His grandmother (on his father’s side) is an Albanian immigrant to Turkey. His mother was born in Edirne and his father was born in Adana. Born and raised in Adana, he says, his family has been working in the bakery for more than a hundred years. His father fell ill. They moved to Istanbul so that their father could receive proper treatment. In Istanbul, he joined Beşiktaş Sports Club as an amateur basketball player. In 2002, Kivanc won the title of the best male model in the world as the representative of Turkey and later won many awards in the field of acting.

The son of a village baker

Kivanc was born on October 27, 1983, to a poor and large family in a village in the southern Turkish city of Adena. The Tatlitug family has been working in the bakery for nearly a hundred years. The actor “Kozi” has four siblings. The pride on his face is inspired by his last name – he means pride. Kivanc’s paternal grandmother was an immigrant from Bosnia and Herzegovina who immigrated to Turkey during the country’s wars and conflicts. This beautiful and playful boy has excelled over his peers since he was a child, and many had discovered signs of intelligence and talent in him. The sport of basketball flourished. The tall Kivanc soon became the star of the school basketball team, but it was not long before the Tatlitug family was forced to move to Istanbul due to the father’s illness so that the father could receive proper treatment. For the young Kivanc, Istanbul became the land of achieving his dreams and aspirations. In Istanbul, with the progress of his game, he was able to join the famous teams “Besiktas” and “Fenerbahce” as a future amateur player.


Living in France

His height of one meter and 90 centimeters and his athletic and well-trained body along with his beautiful face and personality all went hand in hand and led this young athlete to the world of fashion and modeling. He realized that he would become a star because everything a star needed was gathered in Kivanc. Only one of his characteristics was enough to make him famous.

Kivanc Tatlitog’s activity in the field of modeling

She quickly became the first subject of fashion salons, fashion shows, and fashion photographers. Her modeling career took her to the cradle of fashion, Paris. It was in France that she became a professional model in every sense of the word. 2002 is undoubtedly one of the turning points in his life. The year he jumped on the podium of fame. She became the best model in Turkey this year and qualified for the World Championships; An honor that made him very famous. Kivanc was heavily involved in modeling but said in interviews that he was interested in acting and cinema from a young age until he finally made it to his career. They are invited to play in a series. Thus, Kivanc Tatlitug returns to Turkey and starts playing in his first series. The name of this series was “Noor”.

Forbidden to falling in love

From here, things get trickier for Kivanc. He played various roles, including a short role in the successful series “Easel”, but what made him one of the most expensive Turkish superstars was playing the role of “Mohannad” in the popular series “Forbidden Love”. In 2009, Kivanc won the Golden Butterfly for Best Actress in a Leading Role. It was no longer a secret that the fate of Adena’s poor son had changed. His talent was proven by playing the role of Mohannad. But what is significant and exemplary in him; Neither his beauty nor his height nor his intelligence and talent, the most important feature of Kivanc is his will and perseverance; a feature that makes no door close to him and always spread red carpets in front of his feet in the line of success. The volume of work offered to Tatlitug was very large, and he was able to play the lead role in many series and movies, including the series “Kozi and Govoni”.

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The series, along with “Hareem Sultan” and “Fatemeh Gol”, became one of the three most-watched series in Turkey. Kivanc starred in the series alongside famous actors such as Eco Carayal and Bogra Golsoui. Was playing. Kivanc was forced to lose weight because of this role. He has reached the peak of his fame. There is not a day that he is not invited to various ceremonies and parties in these countries by Arab sheiks and princes. Brad Pitt of the Middle East also appeared in one of the music videos of Lebanese female singer Rola Saad.


Love at a glance, never

He is currently starring in his new series called Kurt Set & Shura, which is to be broadcast on the Turkish Star Network. Kivanc himself is aware of the magic of his eyes and has stated in interviews that he likes his eyes very much because he thinks eyes are beautiful. He has not yet gotten married and is enjoying his life at the age of 30. Kivanc does not believe in a relationship that starts at a glance and believes that he should choose his ideal wife by cognition. The famous Turkish actor returns to his real-life when he distances himself from the characters of the series. One of Kivanc’s favorite activities is helping orphaned and sick children, and many also believe that the reason for his excessive popularity in Turkey is unaffected by this. Kovach has never left his family and is always by their side with love and respect. He has a close and intimate relationship with his siblings and their photos together are a regular subject of the Turkish media.

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