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Knowledge Mars

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Knowledge Mars

Knowledge Mars – Traveling and seeing new sights and attractions cause people to abandon their daily lives, pack their bags, take to the road and seek to discover the unknown. All human beings dream of traveling to a specific destination on the planet, and until the time of travel arrives, they try to reach the desired destination and experience its wonders up close. But the question is, have you ever considered traveling to another planet like Mars? Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system and its surface is all red. The planet has long attracted the attention of many astronomers and scientists; Scientists who have spent their lives researching and discovering the unknowns of the red planet. There are many people on Earth who love to travel to Mars and touch the planet up close. If you are one of these people, join the carnival today to get interesting information about traveling and living on this planet.

1- Stepping on Mars is an easy task for humans …
Humans have a long history of stepping on the surface of Mars, and this success is one of the great achievements of mankind in space programs. To date, we have set foot on this alien planet 12 times, and more interestingly, all of these people were white American men. Sent to the surface of Mars. The reason for sending cameras and robots to Mars instead of humans is that it costs a lot of money and it is more economical for robots and cameras to go. But with all this, many humans are still stepping on Mars, and maybe as you read this, researchers on Mars are studying and researching. Traveling to a planet like Mars is no longer an unattainable dream for humans …

2- Billionaires and their toys – Knowledge Mars
Money brings with it power and can pave the way for you to achieve your dream … In recent years, many billionaires and powerful people who wanted to go to space before death, companies, and corporations Established. Two examples of these companies are Virgin Galactic and SpaceX, which are competing with each other for more success. SpaceX, for example, has recently successfully completed a project to return rockets to Earth, but they are not the only ones who have succeeded. About 30 rockets are expected to be launched by private companies this year.

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3. Now NASA is in the lead
NASA, the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is leading the way in space science today. The power of this organization is not limited to the tools it has, but also, the knowledge it has acquired, can not be bought and sold for any amount. These successes are such that most startups in space science are trying to make it to NASA one day. NASA is developing a new program every day to learn more about space. . For example, it is currently planning to hire a number of astronauts for missions to Mars. Also last September, NASA announced that it was building a space launch system. The company’s massive rocket is 98 meters high and is taller than the Statue of Liberty in the United States. The rocket produces 8.4 million pounds of pressure and force at launch, equivalent to the pressure and force of 13,400 locomotive engines. The rocket is also capable of carrying 154,000 pounds, equivalent to the weight of 12 adult elephants. NASA has stated that the space launch system is used for deep-space destinations.

Knowledge Mars

4- The Orion spacecraft is wonderful
One of NASA’s latest achievements is the Orion spacecraft; A spacecraft designed to take humans into space and explore distant parts of space, including Mars. With the Orion spacecraft, astronauts can travel safely into space and stop thinking about it. Orion has a capsule to house astronauts, and with its discoveries, it could open new windows for scientists from space and Mars.

5. How long does a trip to Mars take?

If we want to estimate a one-way trip to Mars in terms of time, we must consider at least 6 or 7 months. The round trip of this long journey takes a whole year. NASA is currently planning to house astronauts on Mars for a period of time, which will certainly increase their travel time. Astronaut Valeri Polyakov has spent about 430 days on Russia’s Mir space station. When you decide to stay on the planet, do not imagine that you have gone on vacation for a few days. Certainly, the situation will be completely different and more difficult. But this does not mean that there are no volunteers for this job, but the number of volunteers to travel to Mars is more than you think …

6- Life on Mars – Knowledge Mars
There are many difficulties in reaching the space and living in it. NASA now estimates that many technologies are needed to create the right level of longevity on Mars. But it has no plans to do so because the robots that are on the surface of Mars send the necessary information to Earth. NASA researcher Bret Drake says:
On Mars, you can generate and store the oxygen needed by crews and equipment using resources. Even water production is easy.

7. Mars, a planet full of beautiful scenery
On Mars, you will find many amazing sights that may one day all become tourist attractions for us humans. On Mars, beautiful desert landscapes, mysterious mountains, hills and lowlands, caves, canyons, You can find volcanoes and old riverbeds. The surface of Mars has a lot of dust, but you will not find the scenery on this planet anywhere else.

Knowledge Mars

8- The best place to lose weight
If we carry 45 kg of weight on Mars to Mars, it will weigh only 17 kg. You lose weight as soon as you enter the planet. The gravitational pull between you and Mars causes you to have only 40% of your weight on Earth on the surface of Mars. But of course, your body volume will not decrease and your body will not become thinner.

9- Inadequate environment of Mars
It is better to take warm clothes with you before traveling. The average annual temperature on Mars is -62 degrees Celsius and may reach 20 degrees on summer days. Building a warm and comfortable habitat is the most important and first priority for life on Mars. The planet’s atmosphere is generally made up of carbon dioxide, and life on the planet is severely deficient in oxygen. In addition, Martian soil is not suitable for terrestrial grains, and many things must be done to fertilize it. To reach fertile soil faster, the only possible solution is to talk to Martians!

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