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Language technique What is body language and what are its benefits?Body language, what is body language, the importance of body language The importance of body language You may think that the main language of your company or collection, but you are wrong. Most of the language spoken is not the one you speak with. The first language we need to learn is body language and you need to pay more attention to it. So we need to know what body language is? Body language refers to a set of non-verbal and physical behaviors in which a person is able to convey a message and communicate with others without speaking.

Learning body language techniques makes us more empowered in our non-verbal communication, which is a major part of our communication, and by making the best use of these body language techniques, we can shine better in our communication and negotiation.

In this article we will talk more about the importance of body language and also explain the techniques that you can use to have a very good body language…

Body language, what is body language, the importance of body language
Benefits of body language

Body language can convey emotions well or change verbal meaning. Language technique It is never acceptable to express one’s friendship and affection while frowning and sour, so one must learn how to incorporate body language into daily life.

For most of us, communication and speech may be examples, but you should know that most communication between people is through body language. In fact, more than 90% of what you convey to the other person is conveyed through non-verbal gestures, in other words, your body language, and only about 10% of what you mean is conveyed through your speech and words. Body language can indicate a person’s inner state. For example, it can show anger, fatigue, restlessness, confusion, and other symptoms.

Body language actually includes all your movements. From your facial expressions and movements to eye contact, gestures, standing posture, and more. Knowing body language can usually be a very subtle task, but you can easily get acquainted with the basics of body language by learning a few common movements, each of which can be more than a thousand words.

You should know that the meaning of shaking hands goes far beyond saying hello, I am happy to see you and.. The most important part of a handshake is the contact of your palm with the other hand, and it can be said that this simple move is much more than a contact, the contact of your palms shows your true intention and that you are not defensive about this relationship and the type of interaction You are completely sincere and without any threats.

Language technique

Men’s body language

Men and women usually have the same body language, but there are some differences. It should be noted that in cases where gender is an issue, this issue can be considered, but in other cases, the physical behaviors of men and women are similar.

Women’s body language

Given that women are more emotional, women’s body language can Language technique also be a broader issue than men’s body language. In fact, body language cannot be documented when a person is in a normal state. But no matter how different emotions and mental states occur from a person’s normal circumstances, a person’s behaviors and physical states can be a documented sign from within.

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Body language in people’s daily communication

A few examples of body language in people’s daily communication

to shake hands

This movement means shaking hands with each other is one of the most important aspects of body language.

You have to be careful how you stand, how you greet and how you hit, and even the amount of hand pressure.

If you pull your shoulders down and do not look directly at the other person’s face or shake hands when pushing, it gives the impression that you do not want to communicate more with him.

But if you stand firmly and pull your shoulder back and look at the face and eyes of the other person, and at the same time you extend your hands towards him and press firmly, the concept is induced in the mind that you are happy Language technique with the relationship and the intention You cooperate and continue to communicate with him.

Language technique


Body language associated with breathing and breathing patterns can be a sign of a person’s mood and mental state. For this reason, the connection between body language and breathing is often considered in topics such as business meetings and seminars. In general, deeper breaths that use the diaphragm and abdomen often show a state of calm and confidence. In contrast, superficial and very fast breaths will often be interpreted as a state of nervousness and anxiety.

Some business experts suggest that you pay attention to a person’s breathing pattern so that you can understand how much they understand each other.

How to stand

If you are standing and talking to someone or you are just listening to them, you should know that the way you stand speaks a lot. Your posture is very important in everyday conversations or business conversations or even in public debates and debates.

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For example, if you are talking to your colleague, you should pay attention to the fact that the person in front of you is monitoring all your movements. If you want to let him know that you are late, it is enough to look at the clock. Someone is waiting for you.

Conversely, if you are happy to talk to him in the morning and listen to what he has to say, you can increase the conversation time to your advantage by nodding your approval. If your person is bored with your words or you do not Language technique approve of his words and you think he is wrong, it is enough to put your hands on his back and show him with eyebrows and facial expressions such as small smiles that he is wrong.

It is good to know how non-verbal communication varies from place to place and from situation to situation. In important work sessions, the type of behavior of your body is very important, so you must be careful not to make mistakes.

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