Marlon Brando Biography


Marlon Brando Biography

Marlon Brando Biography – Marlon Brando was born on April 3, 1924, in the US state of Nebraska. Brando went to military school for a while and then worked in various jobs, eventually moving to New York to take acting classes… and learned Stanislavsky’s method from his teacher, Stella Adler. Sometime later, Marlon Brando went to the acting school of the Actors Studio, run by Elia Kazan, where he completed the acting method (the way an actor has to live the role for a while) under Lee Strasberg. Marlon Brando starred in the 1985 film Men in Zeinemann. He had been hospitalized for more than a month to prepare for his role in the film. For many experienced actors of the time, such as Lawrence Olivier or Clark Gable, it was pure stupidity. Marlon Brando is one of the most influential actors in the history of cinema. Famous films in which he has starred include “A Bus Called Desire” as Stanley Kowalski, “Dock” as Terry Malloy, both directed by Elia Kazan, and “The Godfather” as Don Vito Corleone. . Many consider his best role to be Godfather [named Best Picture in Cinema History].

The American actor Marlon Brando is known among many film lovers and critics as the best actor in the history of cinema. He has acted in various roles, from Shakespeare to musicals, from drama to comedy. In “Men and Dolls” as Sky Masterson, everyone was fascinated. In “Rebellion on the Bonti Ship,” he played the role of a weak-minded Fletcher Christian. In 1960, he directed Soldiers of One Eye, starring in The Golden Eyes, and then appearing as Don Corleone in The Godfather in 1972. When the Academy nominated Marlon Brando as the winner, he commissioned an Indian woman to receive the award, thereby drawing public attention to the plight of the American Indians. He became more and more focused on human issues and problems, and his recent films show such political and social inclinations. Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert De Niro established this style in American cinema with their brilliance. Obesity in the final years was very troublesome for Brando. Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola worked hard to convince the filmmakers to choose Marlon Brando. Because they believed that the time of this actor was over. After the godfather, the name of Marlon Brando reappeared in the world of cinema. It was then that Brando starred in popular films such as The Last Tango in Paris, The Apocalypse, and Missouri Ponds. Her short role at the end of “Apocalypse Now” is also one of the most memorable roles in the history of cinema. Legendary movie star Marlon Brando died on Friday, July 2, 2004, at the age of 80 after a long illness in a hospital in Los Angeles.

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Marlon Brando Honors – Marlon Brando Biography

Nominated for an Academy Award in 1951 for a bus called Lust
Nominated for the 1952 Academy Award for Long Live Zapata
Nominated for the 1953 Academy Award for Julius Caesar
Winner of the 1954 Academy Award for Best Actor for On The Waterfront
Nominated for the 1957 Academy Award for Sionara
Winner of the 1972 Academy Award for Best Actor for The Godfather
Nominated for the 1973 Academy Award for Last Tango in Paris
Nominated for the 1989 Academy Award for A Dry White Season


Interesting facts about Marlon Brando that you did not know – Marlon Brando Biography

We know Marlon Brando as one of the most famous actors in the world. The Hollywood actor was born on April 3, 1924. His name is always on the list of the best actors of all time because of the legendary work he has done. When she started her career, Marlon Brando was trained by Stella Adler at Actors’ Studio under Lee Strasberg. His best works include The Godfather, A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, The Wild One, Apocalypse Now, Reflection in Golden Eyes “Reflections in a Golden Eye” and “Julius Caesar” noted.

Brando’s refusal to accept the Oscar for his sad role as Vito Corleone in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather. In fact, he was protesting against the treatment of Native Americans by the film industry. Undoubtedly, he is one of the most famous actors in the film industry with his many talents, but besides, Brando was also capricious. For his birthday in April, here is a list of some of the weirdest and craziest facts about him.

1. Marlon Brando was expelled from high school for riding a motorcycle in the school hallway.
2. Prior to becoming an actor, he worked as an elevator technician in a department store four days a week. But he left his job because he was shy about announcing his entry into the underwear category.
3. Brando got two nicknames after appearing in movies; Bud Bud and Mr. Mumbles (mumble means to speak with your mouth closed). Frank Sinatra The famous American singer Frank Sinatra nicknamed him Mr. Mumbles.
4. Once at a dinner party in the 1960s, Marlon Brando behaved very strangely. He asked each of the guests to get naked, and he did.
5. All the actors aspire to win an Oscar, and if they are lucky enough to win an Oscar when they win, they will treat their award like a precious treasure. But Marlon Brando used the statue he had acquired for “In the Dock” as a sub-title. In addition, he withdrew his award for “godfather” in exchange for protesting the filmmakers’ treatment of Native Americans.
6. In 1995, Marlon Brando kissed Larry King during an interview with Larry King Life.
7. This is an exciting one! Marlon Brando taught Michael Jackson acting.
8. Although he was a talented actor, he refused to memorize his dialogues and was stubborn about using flashcards to express dialogues.


9. Brando owned a private island in the Pacific.
10. Marlon Brando used the sneeze method to lose weight, but it was not successful and he almost suffocated due to the return of fat to his throat.
11. Once when Brando went to the zoo, he started spitting with an ape and won!
12. The actor was known for his bizarre behaviors. Pat Quinn once presented actor Pat Quinn with a necklace made of real human skulls.
13. Marlon Brando had a strange sense of humor. He was so interested in blowing that he came up with the idea of ​​building a business telephone line called Dial-a-Fart, where callers had to recognize celebrities by the sound of their blowing!
14. Marlon Brando had an insatiable appetite for food. That’s why his wife locked the refrigerator door.
15. Due to his binge eating problem, Brando tore 52 pants while filming “Mutiny on the Bounty.”
16. While writing her autobiography, Marlon Brando contacted Ursula Andress to see if she had ever had sex with him.
17. When Marlon Brando got on the subway, he put pieces of bread in his corners.
In addition to acting, Marlon Brando has (albeit unsuccessfully) experienced directing several films. His first work is One-Eyed Jacks in the Western genre. Brando was considered one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood at the time. In 1999, Time magazine named Marlon Brando one of the 100 Most Important Characters of the Century, along with other greats such as Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe. Brando passed away on July 1, 2004, while his fans were grieving around the world. He died of respiratory failure at Ronald Reagan Medical Center in the United States.

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