McDonald Brothers


McDonald Brothers

McDonald Brothers – McDonald’s chain stores are popular with people all over the world for their fast and engaging workflow. The store was founded by two brothers, Richard and Morris. They lived in a poor family, came to the city after a while hoping to find a business, and with one idea they were able to take full control of the fast-food industry. McDonald’s is now one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, with more than 35,000 branches in 119 countries and serving more than 65 million customers daily. Success and reputation of Richard and Maurice McDonald Unlike the Dassler brothers, who were the founders of the Adidas and Puma sports brands, it is based on the love and intimacy of the two brothers. Join us for a biography of the brothers.

Biography of the McDonald Brothers

The biography of McDonald’s founders states: Richard MacDonald was born on February 16, 1909, and 10 months after his birth, his younger brother Maurice MacDonald was born on November 26, 1909. The two brothers were born into a poor rural family in Manchester, New York’s largest city in New Hampshire. Richard and Maurice’s parents were Irish immigrants. Their father was appointed as the production manager of a shoe factory in Hampshire, and as a result, their family moved to the city.


Start of activity

It was in the late 1920s that Richard and Morris immigrated to California. The two brothers had graduated from high school in those days and had just graduated. Their big dream was to make $ 1 million before the age of 50. Morris and Richard MacDonald opened a hot dog stall near the Arcadia Rally in northeast Los Angeles in 1937. The way this mobile kiosk worked was that they went to the car park and the waiters went to the drivers and received orders. In 1940, this hot dog kiosk turned into a small restaurant that in addition to That also sold burgers, burgers, and barbecues. It’s not a bad job, but from the first decade of work, the two brothers have been thinking a lot about how they can prepare orders faster and offer services at a lower price.

The birth of the McDonald’s idea

Therefore, in 1948, this small restaurant was closed and reopened as a speed service system after changing the architecture and model. This new restaurant, this time with a limited menu and a new order delivery system, welcomed customers. Instead of waiters, small windows were installed, where vendors prepare customers’ burgers in less than a minute with all the side dishes. “The focus of the McDonald’s system was on pre-made hamburgers, so they added a small number of onions to it.” It was not much. “We did not want anything to stop us.” Asking different people if they would like to add onions or other spices to their burgers actually slowed down the system. Morris did the kitchen work and the sales work was done by Richard’s older brother. . The famous design of McDonald’s buildings in red and white, as well as the store logo, which is a few golden arches, was all done by Richard.

Ray Crack and the founding of McDonald’s

Ray Crack was a 57-year-old man who had spent his entire life dreaming of becoming rich with various jobs, none of which he could achieve. In 1937, he entered a new business and established himself as a sole seller in that field. He spent 20 years selling a special blender that mixed six different ingredients but to no avail. In 1954, he ordered eight blends from the New San Bernardino, California Ken took it and was very surprised about it. Ray Crack went there and came across a small restaurant run by the McDonald brothers. Ray Crack shared his idea with the brothers to expand McDonald’s restaurants across the United States. So Koch founded McDonald’s in 1955 and, after five years of monopoly, bought the McDonald’s name from Richard and Morris.

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Inauguration of chain motels by the brothers

As the work progressed, the brothers decided to do something different. So in 1961, Richard and Maurice MacDonald, who had now become millionaires, decided to break up with Ray Crack. It was at this time that they began their own different project. Chain motels across the country! With this project, the brothers prepared food for tourists and travelers. Of course, Maurice became seriously ill at the beginning of the project and his physical health deteriorated severely. One who can help. I also told him that we started this work 35 years ago with help. “If you want to get away from it, rest assured, I will step aside.” And that’s what the brothers did, and that’s how the two brothers revolutionized the world’s fast-food restaurants.

Interesting facts about McDonald

In India, Kashmir, and Jammu, branches of McDonald’s have been opened with vegetarian signs. In this way, McDonald’s has tried not to lose even non-meat-eating customers in this crowded market. The menus McDonald’s offers at these branches include vegetables, curry powder, potatoes, and peppercorns. The owner of one of the McDonald’s branches at Buckingham Palace is “Queen Elizabeth”. McDonald’s is now one of the largest distributors. The Founder is the story of Ray Crack, the founder of McDonald’s company, and the success story of the fast-food brand around the world. The film Founder was released in 2017.


Strange rules that McDonald’s workers must follow:

McDonald’s employees (like most fast-food employees) often appear in uniform – the role of cashiers and chefs is often seen as less attractive occupations for the uneducated, but what many people do not understand is That is, working at McDonald’s can be a great program, especially for staff who want to pursue a food-related career path that can help you pay for college. McDonald’s front-line workers often earn more than $ 10 an hour (depending on location and years of service). In addition, the company website offers a program where hourly workers can participate in a McDonald’s stock purchase plan, receive food discounts, and participate in two Archways training programs.

Employees should wash their hands at least once an hour

Be honest – you hope the people who run your food at McDonald’s wash their hands regularly. You really hope this is true. But you may not realize that McDonald’s staff policies require employees to wash their hands with antimicrobial soap at least once every hour and in some countries at least once every 30 minutes. Another country is different – some countries may simply have stricter food hygiene laws than others – but, for example, according to frequently asked questions on the McDonald’s regional website, in the UAE, the minimum standard Every hour is once, while in the UK it is at least every 30 minutes.

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