NASA Spaceship

NASA Spaceship

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NASA Spaceship

NASA Spaceship – Our modern world is making great progress every year, but there is still no significant explanation for many phenomena. For example, some people still do not believe in the existence of UFOs, and most governments do not confirm or deny their existence for security reasons, and the existence of UFOs has been in a state of ambiguity for years. Governments that tested atomic bombs in places like Manhattan’s basements almost 60 years ago must have had the ability to build UFOs and drones, and that’s not far off the mark. There are those for whom there is no logical explanation, although the number of such images is not large. These photos, in which unidentified objects (UFOs) are flying, are completely real and do not use any Photoshop. Many people believe that the objects in the photos have extraterrestrial origins, but this may not be the case and are just a corner of the experiments of advanced governments. They are not similar except for a UFO or an extraterrestrial being. It is interesting to know that these images are completely real and no editing by different software has been used in them.

1- Washington | 1870 – NASA Spaceship
The following image is the oldest recorded image of an unidentified object in the sky. This photo was taken in 1870 in New Hampshire, Washington. The image you see is one of the most amazing sightings in the world. Remember that in the 1870s and even 1871s there was still no aircraft or photo-editing technology; So it can not be imagined that this photo has changed for the better. Painters (Independent International Pictures Corp.) sold.

2- China | 1942
The following photo was found next to the Bible of a Chinese man during World War II. This photo, which shows a strange object in the sky, is from 1942. It is interesting to know that a person who was walking on one of the streets of TIENSTEN province in China, managed to record this moment. The photographer of the image is unknown because after taking this photo, he sold it for an unknown amount. If you look closely at the photo, it is clear that at least one person is pointing to this strange object, which means that this photo is completely real.

3- America | 1920
All we know about this photo is that it was taken in the United States in 1920, but it is not clear exactly where the farm where the photo was taken was. Experts have done a lot of research to suggest that its location is on the east or west coast of the United States. Wherever this image is taken, there is still clearly a transcendental object on the right and top of it, and there is no rational explanation for how it exists because, at the time this image was recorded, even monoplanes (planes) were still there. Original) were also not invented.

NASA Spaceship

4- America | 1929 – NASA Spaceship
The picture you see belongs to 1929, which shows a factory or workshop active in the field of sawing. At the top of the image, you can clearly see the strange object. The man who took the picture said that for a moment there was a terrible thunderstorm and then this strange object approached the ground and then flew away again.

5- Vancouver | 1937
The story of this image dates back to 1937 and it was taken by a 21-year-old soldier named Leonard Lamoreux. He first visited Vancouver to see this modern city up close.

Leonard said the following about this interesting image:
A light blue light appeared in the sky, little by little the light became so clear that its source was well known. There were two big, bright objects in the sky that completely illuminated the city council building. When they reached the top of the building, they stopped for a few seconds and I was able to take a picture, but by pressing my camera button, they were quickly thrown into the dark sky. I have never seen anything fly at this speed. As you can see, the photographer describes two objects and only one abnormal object is seen in the image, and given that his camera did not have enough negatives, it is possible that this image is only Due to a problem in photography.

6- South Africa | 1956

The following image was taken in the city of ROSETTA in South Africa. This is one of the most confirmed UFO images in the world because it was certified by the Meteorological Agency in 1956. The photo you see was taken by Elizabeth Klarer just moments before the lightning strike. A meteorologist himself, he claimed to have seen a UFO until his death in 1994 at the age of 83. With all these details, there is still doubt about the accuracy of this photo.

7- Los Angeles | 1942
One of the most classic UFO images is the one you see below. This image, nicknamed “The Battle of Los Angeles”, has extraordinary lighting that shows the anti-aircraft weapons aimed at the UFO.

NASA Spaceship

Analysts comment on this image:
According to research, it is possible that the object in the photo was just one of the Japanese air balloons, but this theory is not conclusive.

8- West Virginia | 1939
This photo shows the Organ Cave in West Virginia, a US state. This photo was discovered in the family album of a person named Chris Miller. The people you see in the picture are the brother and grandfather of this person and an unknown object can be seen behind their faces in the sky.

Storm over Indonesia
In this photo taken from the International Space Station, we see a group of storms passing over Indonesia.

Caribbean sea
The blue and glass waters of the Caribbean Sea look very beautiful from space.

The eyes of God
The Helix Nebula, also known as the Eye of God, is located in the constellation Aquarius.

NASA exploration rover
This panoramic image of the exploration rover shows us the vast landscape of the red planet. Exploration rover is the name of a space robot mission that started in 2006. In this mission, two rover robots named “Spirit” and “Opportunity” are used to research and discover Mars.

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