Nastaran flower tea drink

Nastaran flower tea drink 

Nastaran flower tea drink

Nastaran flower tea drink To treat palpitations, soak 10 grams of Nastaran fruit in 300 cc of cold water for 3 hours, then boil it with a gentle heat, boil it for 5 minutes, drink it for 15 minutes, and drink 3 cups a day.To treat urticaria, brew 10 grams of Nastaran fruit in 300 cc of boiling water for 15 minutes and drink a cup before each meal.To treat osteoporosis and vitamin C deficiency, one kilogram of Nastaran fruit is crushed with 300 grams of candy, then mixed with 2 liters of water, placed in a warm place for 15 days, then strained and a cup drunk before a meal.To treat purulent nephritis, use NastaranNastaran flower tea drink  fruit decoction and infusion, and to treat colds and flu, use Nastaran fruit extract.

To get rid of kidney stones, first crush 15 grams of Nastaran fruit and boil it in 300 cc of cold boiled water for 15 minutes and drink a glass before eating.To treat gallstones, drink decoction or infusion of Nastaran fruit.Nastaran fruit decoction repels stomach worms; Nastaran flower poultice heals wounds.Repels body odor; Those who sweat a lot and smell bad should rinse their body after bathing with a decoction of Nastaran flowers and leaves.Stops bleeding from the chest; Eliminates insomnia; It relieves the contraction of the stomach muscles and strengthens the stomach.Increases blood flow to the skin and softens the skin; To repair a broken bone and remove anal inflammation, make a bandage from the leaves of this plant and apply it on the fracture or swelling area.

Nastaran flower tea drink 

Because Nastaran is sweet, it attracts insects, especially a special insect called the Cynips, which, when bitten, produces small, fibrous, reddish-green bumps on it, known as the Bedegar. It has important medicinal properties, especially for tuberculosis patientsNastaran flower tea drink , it strengthens and prevents sweating, and also reduces the amount of albumin in the urine; It also has a calming effect on the nerves.To prepare Nastaran sweat, mix a quarter glass of Nastaran sweat with a glass of water, then sweeten it; You can drink a few glasses of this syrup a day.Surprising results of a new study showed that rose fruit powder is useful for relieving and improving joint pain.Clinical research has shown:A protein called GOPOR, found in rose hips, can protect vulnerable cartilage and possibly stimulate their regeneration. GOPOR researchers say it can also improve mood, boost energy and Improve sleep quality in people with arthritis.

Rosehip powder inactivates specific genes that produce proteins and enzymes that destroy inflamed joints. On the other hand, it produces another group of genes that produce Collagen and cartilage necessary to maintain joint health, activate.Its fruit is rich in vitamin C; So that 100 grams contain 600 mg (6 grams) of vitamin C, while 100 grams of oranges contain only 50 mg of vitamin C; Therefore, Nastaran flower tea drink the amount of vitamin C in Nastaran flowers is 12 times that of oranges and 3 times that of lemons.Impact on the cardiovascular systemDrinking this plant is useful in curing heart diseases.Its fruit is effective in lowering blood pressure.Bleeding stops the chest.Its drink is useful for relieving heart palpitations.Lowers blood sugar.Impact on the gastrointestinal tractNastaran fruit tea strengthens the stomach.It cures diarrhea.

Eliminates the contraction of the stomach muscles.It is effective in expelling intestinal worms.Effects on the urinary and genital tractIt is used to treat swelling of the kidneys and urinary tract.It is useful in eliminating kidney stones.If there is albumin in the urine, use this herbal tea to get rid of it.Nastaran fruit tea is a mother.Impact on the locomotor systemThe active ingredients of this plant reduce uric acid and treat gout disorders.To repair a broken bone, make a bandage from the leaves of this plant and place it on the fractured or swollen area.Impact on the nervous systemOne of the most important medicinal properties of Nastaran fruit is its sedative effect.Eliminates insomnia. Effect on the skin

Increases blood flow to the skin and softens the skin. The leaves and flowers of this plant are used to wash and treat wounds, ulcers and burns.Effect on the glandsRepels body odor. Those who sweat a lot and their body smells bad, should wash their body after bathing with the infusion of star flowers and leaves.Other propertiesIncreases the body’s immunity against diseases.Nastaran fruit tea enhances the enzymatic activity of the body, causes the production of red blood cells, is useful for the treatment of recovery, and fights the feeling of cold and chills well.Contraindications and side effectsPeople with diabetes should use this plant with Nastaran flower tea drink extreme caution because it lowers blood sugar. It is also forbidden for pregnant women.NatureThe nature of Nastaran fruit is mild and dry according to traditional Iranian medicine.

Nastaran flower tea drink

How to preparePour 15 sauteed fruits of Nastaran flower with two glasses of cold water in a teapot and boil it with a direct flame, then put it on an indirect flame for two hours to infuse. Then add the desired amount of honey and taste.Boiling Nastaran fruit should not take more than 10 minutes; Because the vitamin C in it is lost due to high heat.Nasturtium is a wild plant found in Europe as well as other temperate regions of the world.Its fruit, commonly known as rose hip or dog rose, is a favorite traditional medicine with high nutritional value.Nastaran flower is a shrub with a height of 3 meters and leaves consisting of five to seven toothed leaflets that are pointed oval and the flowers are colored (pale red), whiteish-white or white.The scientific name of Nastaran flower is rosa canina and in the past it was also called Nasrin, Nastaran and Nastar.

This flower grows on the edge of forests, wells and water pits; After the flower reed grows, it turns into a red, pot-like body with thin fibers on the inside, which contain the hazelnut fruits inside the pot. This flower has many properties for treating diseases.Fresh Nastaran fruit contains 0.5 to 1.7% of vitamin C, which is a combination of ascorbic acid and hydroascorbic acid; Wet health section You find it interesting that the fruit of this flower has 20 times more vitamin C than lemon.Unfortunately, a large amount of vitamin C is lost when Nastaran flower tea drink  drying or preparing the product from Nastaran flower fruit. The reduction of vitamin C in this fruit depends on the amount of crushing and its particles. For example, if the fruit is only halved, the amount of vitamin C in it is halved after a year and a half, and if it is crushed, after six months, 100% of its vitamin C is lost. goes. This fruit also contains vitamins A1, B1, B2, B3 and K, citric acid and malic acid.

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