Planting leeks

Planting leeks


Planting leeks

Planting leeks Familiarity with leek planting methods and its propagation Planting leeks, method of planting leeks, planting leeks in pots Leek is the smallest species in the onion family

From zero to one hundred leeks
Leek is similar to onion and garlic in terms of healing properties but has a milder taste and smell, Planting leeks so it is one of the most popular vegetables. Planting leeks through seeds in pots and gardens is easy.
Everything about planting leeks:
Leek vegetable with the scientific name of schoenoprasum Allium, also known as Gandna, is the smallest species of the onion family and is one of the most consumed and popular vegetables, which is used in the preparation of various foods.

Leek is similar to onion and garlic in terms of healing properties, but has a milder taste and smell. The benefits of leeks include treating constipation, helping to lose weight, clearing the facial skin, and relieving gastrointestinal upset.

Leek is grown in Asia, especially, North America and Europe, but it has the highest consumption. This delicious and widely used vegetable is used in the preparation of vegetable crumbs, vegetable cocoa, soups, and various soups.

This plant is one of the plants that grows easily. In fact, if you are new to vegetables, this plant is a good choice.

Leek is a three-year-old plant that is resistant to cold. At first, it has very delicate and brittle leaves, and after picking its leaves several times, it becomes wide and thick.

Climatic needs for planting

Climatic needs for planting leeks

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The leek plant prefers cool weather to warm weather to grow

The best time to sow leeks
In general, it can be said that the leek plant prefers cool air to warm air to grow, and high heat causes Planting leeks the leek to die. The best season for planting leeks is spring and autumn.

More suitable light
This vegetable needs at least 4 hours of full sunlight to grow and does not grow well in partial shade.

Soil suitable for planting leeks
Leeks will grow well in moist, rich, well-drained soil or a combination of 60% garden soil – 20% sand – 20% manure. Adding old manure to the soil promotes better vegetable growth. Sandy clay soils are very suitable for planting leek seeds. Before planting leeks, the soil should be enriched with nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers.

The amount of irrigation required for leeks
Leek is one of the plants sensitive to soil drought and needs a lot of water to grow. With little watering, the leek leaves will wither, wrinkle and burn. Also, if you over-irrigate, you will see short stature of plants. This plant should be kept moist during dry periods without rain.

Seed amount required for planting leeks:
The amount of leek seeds consumed per square meter of land is about half to one gram.

How to plant leeks in the garden

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Leek sowing is done through seeds

First, soak the seeds in water for 12 to 24 hours before sowing to increase germination. It is better to buy healthier leek seeds to achieve the desired result. If you have old seeds at home, put a few of them in a damp cloth and store. If it germinates, it means that the seeds are healthy. Otherwise, be sure to buy fresh seeds.

Then you have to plow the land where you want to plant leek seeds and add 5 to 7 cm depth to the Planting leeks manure and mix the soil well to mix the manure with the soil, then eat the soil well and Level the soil surface.

Spray the seeds on the bed you have prepared, make sure that the seeds are not sprayed too close and tightly together because they will not grow well after they get bigger. Now it is enough to sprinkle about half an inch of manure or soil on the seeds and water them gently.

It is better to irrigate with the sprinkler for the first 10 days so that the seeds do not move. It takes about 5 to 10 days for leek seeds to germinate.

Leek is very thin at the beginning of growth, so during the growth period, thin stems are cut to thicken and ready to be harvested over time. You can plant the seeds in a pot eight weeks before the end of the frost and store them at home, and move them outside after the frost and frost.

light because leeks

Planting leeks in pots and on the balcony

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To plant leeks in pots, the seeds must first be soaked in water

In today’s world, many people live in apartments and may not have a garden to plant vegetables, Planting leeks but vegetables can also be planted in pots and small beds.

To plant leeks in pots, first soak the seeds in water for 12 to 24 hours to increase germination.

Then choose an earthenware vase. (To prevent the roots of the plant from burning by increasing the soil temperature in plastic and metal pots, it is recommended to choose a clay pot.) And place some pebbles 1 to 2 cm deep in the bottom of the pot.

Then pour suitable soil (a combination of 60% garden soil – 20% sand – 20% manure) into a pot and sprinkle leek seeds on the soil and about half an inch of manure (if livestock manure is not available, use vermicompost ) Or pour soil and water well, it is better to put a freezer nylon on it and put it next to the south window or balcony.

After 5 to 7 days, the plant becomes green. As the stems thicken, the plant is ready to be harvested.

Note that if you plant leek seeds in pots, consider a small density. High density in pots causes severe lack of light for plants and yellowing of leek leaves.

Be sure to pay attention to light because leeks need a lot of light and in general it is better to keep on the balcony in a place with direct sunlight. In case of lack of light, the stems will grow and the vegetables will not be of good quality.

To prevent pests related to leeks, spray the plant with harmless pesticides and home remedies.

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