Preity Zinta Biography


Preity Zinta Biography

Preity Zinta Biography – Biography of Preity Zinta Bollywood actress Preity was only 12 years old when she was in front of the camera, although it was an ad made by a family friend and she wanted to be a model from then on. Simla’s a graduate, who never dreamed of becoming an actress one day. He said that his goal, like other teenagers in life, was to make a change. Probably a pilot if he had a plane on his way that day. He loved to follow the path to the end, but unfortunately, he always kept an eye on the activities of others and claimed that he never had an idea that was his own.

Psychology was his favorite subject at university, and everyone thought he would one day become a psychologist, perhaps a successful businessman, but Preity, to everyone’s disbelief, became an actor. He even went to Mumbai to study criminal psychology at a university. Mumbai is studying but destiny has something else in Austin. A director named Shekar Kapoor sees her at a friendly party and after seeing her work in a little commercial, she likes him and decides to play this girl for her next film. The main thing is to use a woman. Attending Tara Rome was a day in which every newcomer wanted to be in her heart, so she did not procrastinate and even passed the rhythmic movement classes, but this film was never made and Preity was disappointed. He stayed. But a short time later, Kandan Shah offered him a role in Kiana, and Preity had a terrifying experience by playing a girl in love, and he was able to impress everyone.

He has always dreamed of acting in cinema since he was a child. After becoming disillusioned with acting, she became a model (mannequin) and due to her attractive face and good physical physique, she became one of the best in this job in a short period of time. Se, who was waiting for such an opportunity, was offered the opportunity to introduce himself as a new face of Indian cinema by using Shah Rukh Khan’s presence in the film. Despite not having a key role in this film, he received a lot of attention by presenting a beautiful play, and after that, a flood of offers went to him, and since then, he has always presented an effective and spectator-friendly play in his films, and most His films have sold well at the box office.


His films include Soldier with Bobby Deol, Dil Chahta Hai with Amer Khan, Chori Chori Chupke with Chupke, and Har Dil Jo with Pyaar Karega. Salman Khan and Rani Mukherjee, (What can we say !!) Kya Kehna with Saif Ali Khan, (Kashmir mission) Mission Kashmir with Ritik Roshan, (This is the way of love) Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke with Aji Dugan. (The heart is yours) Dil Hai Tumhaara with Mahima, (Arman) Armaan with Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Kapoor, and recently in the wonderful movie (I found someone) Koi… Mil Gaya with Ritik. He is one of the few She is a female actress who have had the honor of acting alongside the square of power of Indian cinema in recent years, namely Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amer Khan, and Ritik Roshan (an honor that all-female actors have been dreaming of in recent years). Preity to know: She really loves cinema and loves romantic movies. His favorite actors in American cinema are El Pacino and in Indian cinema are Raj Kapoor and Narges. Her best friend is Rani Mukherjee. She is very obsessive in choosing food and prefers her mother’s cooking to any food. His favorite colors are purple and red (we fall in love in public). It is clear

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Who is Preity Zinta?

Priti Zinta is an Indian actress, entrepreneur, writer, and model born on January 31, 1975, in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. She is the most stylish and attractive actress in the Indian Bollywood film industry. He has acted in Punjabi, Hindi, and English films.

Preity Zinta family – Preity Zinta Biography

Preity Zinta belongs to Rohru, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. Her father was an Indian Army intelligence officer. Unfortunately, Preity Zinta lost her father in a military operation at the age of 12, after which her mother was hospitalized for two years in grief over the loss of her husband. This tragic incident in Preity’s life made her mature enough to take care of her little brothers alone.

Preity Zinta Education

Preity Zinta graduated from the School of Jesus and Mary in Shimla, where she first studied English and then earned a master’s degree in psychology. After that, he completed his postgraduate studies in criminal psychology. At the end of her academic studies, Preity changed her direction to modeling.

Preity Zinta movies and series – Preity Zinta Biography

Zinta first appeared on television as a model for the Perks chocolate TV commercial. This choice was very lucky for his job, which led to Preity meeting the famous Indian director at his friend’s birthday party in 1996. He was invited to various other TV projects. He has appeared in several well-known advertisements and catalogs of Indian companies, such as Liril Soaps. Priority signed a contract with Kapoor Hunt for “Tara Rome Pom Pom” for Herat Roshan. However, the film was canceled for ethical reasons (scenes in the film were filmed between Priti and Hritik that could not be played). He was later nominated for Manny Ratnam for Heart of Three. Priority began her acting career with the film Del Se. Preity Zinta appeared in films such as Soldier Dillagi, Kya Kehna, and Sangharsh. He was selected as a future actor at the Filmfare Film Festival for Dil Se. Some of his famous films include Koi Mil Gaia, Del Chahta, Chori Chori Chopke Chopke, Lakeshia, Vir Zara, Cal Ho Na Ho, Ishq in Paris, Salam Namesteh, and others.


Preity Zinta did not accept India’s 600 million rupee inheritance

Preity is a very generous lady. He rejected the large sum of money inherited by Shandar Amrehi. After Shandar Amrehi’s death, she bequeathed 600 million rupees to Preity because she was her adopted daughter and deserved that much money. But Preity kindly refused the money and gave it to the poor. Preity Zinta did not accept India’s 600 million rupee inheritance

Priti Zinta Wealth

Preity Zinta’s net worth is about $ 30 million, which she earned through her acting and business.

Preity Zinta is a professional athlete

In addition to acting, Preity is a professional athlete. Zinta is a professional basketball player and can play very well.

What works does Preity Zinta write?

Preity has written several columns and articles for the BBC. In this article, Preity has expressed an honest opinion about the types of films produced by B-Town. His author’s article was well received by critics.

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