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Red flowers

Red flowers Everything about anemone flowers Anemone flowers, Photo Anemone flowers, Wild anemone flowers Anemone flowers are car tulips or mourning tulips that grow wild

Planting and maintaining anemone flowers
Anemone is a carnation plant that grows wild. Anemone is usually red, has four petals and many flags. Anemone is usually an annual plant.
Information about anemone flowers
Anemone is a genus of herbaceous leachate plants. Anemone flowers are car tulips or Red flowers mourning tulips that grow wild. It usually has four petals, a large number of flags and is red. Anemone is a shrub or short tree with a height of 70 to 90 cm that has simple, lip-shaped leaves with petioles.

This flower is usually an annual plant and is less likely to be biennial. Anemone flowers grow in the foothills of mountains and plains by car and there are different types.

blood red petals

a type of anemone flower is found in abundance that has blood red petals with a black flag and is known as Nomani anemone. This flower is sometimes called a tulip.

In what areas do you grow anemone flowers and what are their characteristics?

Wild Anemone Flowers, Anemone Flower Pictures, Anemone Flower Secret
Anemone is a plant native to southern and central Europe and temperate regions of Asia

Anemone is a plant native to southern and central Europe and temperate regions of Asia, including Armenia and possibly Turkey, and the Caucasus. There are about 70 species of annual, biennial and perennial anemone flowers.

Wild anemone flowers are found in the form of cars and, like the red tulip, cover the surface of the mountains. It is interesting to know that some species of anemones contain the addictive substance morphine.

Anemone also has dwarf and tall models. The flowers are solitary at the end of the stem and have 4 broad petals. In some varieties the flowers are full.

How many types of anemone flowers are there?

Nomani anemone flower, scientific name of anemone flower, there are several types of Red flowers anemone flowers
Anemone flowers have dwarf and tall models

– Papaver Arnarium
Papaver arenarium is a plant 30 to 45 cm long, annual with a slightly hairy stem that has few branches.

The petals of this type of anemone have brown or black spots with a large number of flags.

The sepals, like the stem, are slightly hairy, and the leaves of this flower have narrow divisions.

This type of anemone can be seen in the vineyards of Rudbar, Sefidrood, Gilan, Qazvin, and Karaj at an altitude of 200 to 1900 meters above sea level.

– Laser Papaver
Lasaver anemone, Papaver lacerum, is a plant with straight stems and slightly branched hairless, annual and with low and scattered fibers. The leaves of this type of anemone flower have deep incisions in the shoulder and the lower leaves are ovate or elongated.

The sepals in this flower are slightly hairy and the petals often have dark spots at the bottom and are small, ovoid and purple in color. The petals of this anemone flower reach 1.5 cm and the number of stigmas is 8 to 10.

This type of anemone flower grows in the northern, central and Yazd provinces at an altitude of 1700 to 2300 meters above sea level.

Macropostom Papaver

This type of anemone flower is also an annual plant and has fibers scattered at the bottom and lying on the peduncle.

Deep shoulder incisions with narrow pieces of bayonets and nut are characteristic of the leaves of this type of anemone flower. The petals sometimes have a black spot on the bottom. The capsule is bicuspid and the disc has lobes with round teeth.

– Tenvifolium Papaver
Papyrus anemone is a dwarf annual plant that grows up to 6 to 15 cm in height and is Red flowers covered with fine hairs.

The leaves of this type of anemone flower are generally gathered at the bottom and cut into combs, creating small divisions. The petioles of this flower are so-called ciliated and the single flower stems whose petals are red and have black spots at the bottom;

The petals are 10 to 20 mm long. This plant grows in Gilan, Qazvin, Karaj, Isfahan and Yazd at an altitude of 300 to 2200 meters above sea level.

Propagation of anemone flowers by seeds

Beautiful images of anemone flowers, properties of anemone flowers, anemone flower reproduction
Anemone flowers are propagated by seeds

Annual anemones are sown directly in the mainland in early spring or late winter. In September, it is possible to sow seeds in areas with temperate climates and the plant will flower earlier.

In this method, you should pay attention to the fact that the seeds of the planted plants do not look like the mother seeds.

Since anemone seeds are small and easy to move, a few of them should be planted in grooves half to one centimeter deep in rectangular pots. Pour a small layer of soil and fertilizer mixture on the seeds and then irrigate with spray. Because flood irrigation causes the seeds to move.

Propagation of anemone flowers by transplanting method:
In this way, you can prepare the treasury in early spring and sow the seeds in the treasury and transfer them to the main land when they become seedlings. In this case, we will have flowers in late spring and throughout the summer.

However, since the transfer of seedlings from the nursery to the main land is difficult, more direct cultivation is considered.

Terms of storage of anemone flowers

Wild Anemone Flowers, Anemone Flower Pictures, Anemone Flower Secret
Suitable and fertile soil should be used for planting anemone flowers

– Soil suitable for anemone flowers
To plant anemone flowers, suitable and fertile soil mixed with cocopeat, peat moss and loamy Red flowers soil with proper drainage should be used. Because flood irrigation damages this plant and it has the best growth and development in this soil.

If you want to plant anemone flowers in pots, you have to mix garden soil with leaf soil. This plant is not sensitive to soil and grows in poor soils.

– The amount of water needed to grow anemone flowers
Anemone is also drought tolerant because it is a car plant. And only when the potting soil is completely dry should it be watered.

anemone flowers

– Light suitable for anemone flowers
This plant needs enough sunlight for better growth and better quality flowers. They can produce colorful flowers if exposed to full sun.

– Suitable temperature for anemone flowers
Anemone is a plant relatively resistant to climate change. The best temperature for better growth of this beautiful flower is between 14 to 20 degrees Celsius and it can withstand up to -15 degrees Celsius. The optimum temperature for this plant at night is between 5 and 11 degrees.

Anemone pests and diseases:
Anemone flowers are slightly damaged by pests and insects, but if stored in humid environments, they may develop fungal diseases and leaf spot, which can be treated with fungicides.

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