Keep the house dry

Silver fish


Silver fish

Silver fish Ways to prevent silver fish from entering the house There are ways to prevent silverfish from entering the house • Keep the house dry. Since these insects like and grow in humid places, remove all moisture from the house using a fan, air conditioner or heater and dry the place completely. Make sure these insects do not get into your house.

cracks in the wall and house

• Fill in all gaps and cracks in the wall and house.

Fill in any gaps around the house where these creatures may find their way and lay eggs.

If the gaps are in dark places, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and basement; These creatures are more likely to nest in those places.


It is much better to prevent these insects from entering the house than to repel them, so it is better Silver fish to make sure that you do not create a pleasant environment for these dirty insects. They like to live under laminate and parquet floors and only go out at night.


• Reduce the humidity of the house.

Make sure you ventilate the room as much as possible with proper ventilation. Allow the clothes to dry completely and then collect them. If your home is humid, use a humidifier.


• Keep the house temperature cool.

Keep the temperature around 22 degrees. Silverfish like warm places.


Discard unused paper.

Discard old papers and do not store them for long. If you do not want to throw it away, keep it in packed containers.


• Be careful to store food.

Also store potatoes and fruit in appropriate places. These two foods are very attractive to these insects.


• Destroy its food sources.

Always try to keep food in sealed containers and sweep the floor regularly to eliminate any food Silver fish sources of these creatures. Wash dirty clothes regularly and do not store them. So avoid stacking old clothes, as it is a great source for this type of insect.


Paper moth feeding, silver fish habitats
Feeding silver fish


Ways to make traps to catch silverfish:

• potato

Potatoes are a good trick to trap these insects by halving a potato and placing it in an open plastic bag. Silverfish like starch, so they accumulate in the bag. Close the plastic bag and throw it away.


Another way to make traps is to use their favorite food, sugar or starch. Take a jar of jam or a glass of long sauce and cover the outside with paper glue.


Put a piece of sweet bread in the jar and place the jar in the place you guessed. Silverfish rise from the paper around the glass following the smell of food, and fall into the glass and can not rise from the inner surface of the glass!

Familiarity with paper moth or silver fish

About Paper Willow, Paper Willow Feeding
Introduction to paperless pests


Contrary to its name, the silver fish has nothing to do with fish and is a silver-colored insect Silver fish that has this name due to its fast movement and conical body. The abdomen of these animals is narrowed along, which gives them a fish-like appearance.
Paper moth

The paper willow is an insect of the order Lepismatidae. Another name for it is silver fish, which is derived from the fish-like movement as well as the blue-gray color of this animal. The paper moth is a nocturnal animal with a flat body that is usually between 13 and 25 mm in size. Their bellies are narrow and give them a fish-like appearance. Unlike other bearded insects that do not have eyes, these animals have two small compound eyes. They do not have any wings but have two tentacles. Their average lifespan is between 2 and 8 years.


Paper moth feeds on substances that contain polysaccharides such as starch or dextrin (found in adhesives). Although they are known to be a pest because of the damage they do to clothing, paper, curtains and other household items, they are not carriers of any disease.


Millipedes, eunuchs and spiders feed on this paper moth.


Familiarity with paper moth, about silver fish
Eliminate the silver fish


Paper moth feeding

Another name for silver fish is paper willow, and the reason for this name is that this insect feeds on paper napkins, paper and any other substance that has sugar or starch.


These insects live in dark and humid environments, and insects such as the thousand-footed and spiders feed on silverfish.


Silverfish can infect different parts of the house, such as books, clothes, antiques and antiques, etc., which are more at risk. Their diet consists mostly of paper, glue, silk, and textile fibers in general, leaving traces of substances that feed on carbohydrates such as sugar and starch.


Does a silver fish bite a human?

As mentioned, the feeding of these insects is mainly paper, carpets, clothes, and do not Silver fish worry, silver does not bite human fish in any way, because they do not have the bite and sting of organs.



Silverfish with symptoms such as asthma can cause an allergic reaction. They also carry bacteria. Bacteria attach to the feet of silverfish and paper fish and you can not easily have it in your home.



The enemy of the paper moth, the destruction of pests
Silver fish insect

Silverfish favorite places

Silverfish favorite places

Silverfish like a humid environment and penetrate through cracks and holes in the house. They are mostly hidden in the walls of the house, between the wall and the insulation. Because it is good, warm and humid. Because silverfish thrive in humid climates.


You should do your best to prevent moisture in the house.


You will often find silverfish in the bathroom floor. Because it is the most suitable environment for silver fish to live. You can even find them in the tub, paper moths can not walk well on a slippery surface. That’s why when they want to get out of the tub. Most of the time they slip down.


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