Sofa cleaning

Sofa cleaning


Sofa cleaning

Sofa cleaning Principles and how to clean furniture in the house How to wash furniture, how to clean all kinds of stains on furniture You can steam sofas and wash detergent at home Cleaning home furniture is one of the most important things that should be done regularly. Sofas have a great impact on home decor. Dust particles, bread crumbs and food that have accumulated in the grooves of the sofa, drink stains and other contaminants can make the sofa look messy and dirty.

Many people consider sofa cleaning and especially cleaning cloth sofa as one of the most difficult parts of home cleaning. Of course, cleaning a cloth sofa is not really an easy task! If you do not do this correctly, in addition to making it dirtier, you may damage the fabric of the sofa. However, there are instructions Sofa cleaning for cleaning the fabric sofa that will help you clean the sofas without worries and safely.

Remove all kinds of stains from the sofa:

Stains on the sofa always cause the furniture of the house to be deformed; So it is better to delete them as soon as possible.

So remember, if you spill soda on the sofa, clean it very quickly, to do this, sprinkle a little salt on the stain and then wipe it with a damp sponge to leave no stain.

* You can also remove the burn or jaundice of cigarettes with a sugar cube.

Apply the sugar on the yellow spot and continue until it is clean. If the stain is on the synthetic fibers, you can remove it with lemon juice.

* If the upholstery of your sofa is made of fluffy fabric, wet it with a little milk and wipe it with some cotton, and finally remove the milk stain with soap and water.

* Ink stains on the sofa can also be removed.

To remove ink stains from the sofa, first wet it and pour a little salt on the stain, then clean the area with a cotton swab. There is another way, first apply a solution of glycerin and ammonia on the Sofa cleaning stain and then wash the sofa surface with water and hand powder. Be careful never to wipe the ink stain off the sofa or cloth as it will spread around it.

* To remove grease stains on the sofa, you should apply a little salt and alcohol solution on it.

If the upholstery of the sofa is silk, there is an easier way, cover the stained area with a sheet of paper towel and press the hot iron firmly on it to make the stain disappear.

And the last point is that there are chemical and ready-to-use stain removers in stores that you can buy to remove most of the stains.

To use these stain removers, be sure to pay attention to the method of consumption and remember not to use these materials without gloves.

furniture at home

Steps for cleaning furniture at home

First, wipe the wooden parts of the sofas to remove dust if they are sitting on them. Then connect the furniture cleaning series to the vacuum cleaner and vacuum it on the sofa and its seams.

If the cushion or backrest and seat of your furniture is detached, remove the cloths and wash it in the washing machine with cold water and connect it after drying. If they do not separate, use carpet shampoo.

Then mix the carpet shampoo with some warm water and rub it on Sofa cleaning the furniture cloth with a soft sponge, immediately put it on the floors with a steam sucker to dry it. If you did not have steam, clean it with a clean towel. Be sure to scrub the floors and wipe the floors.

Make sure your furniture is clean. If it was not clean, do it again. Put the furniture behind the window in the sun to dry sooner. Never place sofas with carpet shampoo in the open air as they absorb dust and dirt quickly.

Furniture cleaning, how to clean furniture at home
Wash sofas at home with carpet shampoo

Cleaning the fabric sofa with liquid detergent with steam

If there are grease or oil stains on the furniture, you must first remove them before using the detergent and steamer. Because usually these stains are not easy to clean and make the job harder.

Use a special cleaner to clean these stains. Of course, this cleanser may be a little difficult to find, but it can be found in some online stores or online stores. After removing grease and oil stains, you can use shampoo or detergent.

* Test the detergent

First you need to test the detergent or shampoo you want in a place of the sofa that is not visible. To do this, pour a small amount of detergent or shampoo on a clean cloth and clean a corner of the sofa with it. Check it after 10 minutes. Has the fabric of the sofa changed color? Put a paper towel on it and press it. If the color of the sofa fabric does not leak into the paper towel, there is no problem in using this detergent.

* Prepare a mixture of detergent and water

Pour the desired detergent with an equal amount of water into a bowl and mix well. For example, mix a pint of water with a pint of detergent or shampoo.

Prepare the steamer

* Prepare the steamer

Place the tank in a special container and open the cap that holds the liquid.

Pour the water and detergent mixture into the tank and close the lid.

Connect the hose.

Attach the steam head to the end of the hose.

* Distributor of detergent on the sofa surface

Place the steam head on the surface of the sofa, press the button and Sofa cleaning hold to spread the mixture on the sofa. As you hold the button, move the steam head across the sofa. Do this gently so that the water and detergent mixture is evenly distributed on the surface of the sofa.

* Collect extra detergent

Release the button and gently move the steamer on the sofa to collect excess detergent from the surface of the sofa. Repeat if necessary. When finished, all excess detergent should be removed from the surface of the sofa. If some detergent remains on the fabric of the sofa, it may cause permanent discoloration and damage the appearance of the sofa. Finally, allow the sofa to air dry over time and do not use any dryers.

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