Speaking correctly

Speaking correctly


Speaking correctly

Speaking correctly Speak well so that everyone will love you Learn how to talk to others, to talk, to speak correctly Good talking When a conversation starts, it is usually easy to maintain and continue. But for most of us, “starting a conversation” is the hardest part. Learning and acquiring conversational skills is the key to solving this problem. Now in this article we will see how to speak well so that everyone will love you.
What is the secret of social and successful people, those who communicate great? One of the most important reasons is the way they speak. The tone of voice, the intensity, the tone and the attention to what comes out of our Speaking correctly mouths are the most important factors in this matter.

The art of good speaking is essential in a skill life. Conversation introduces you to others; To important people who can be your teacher, employer, employee, partner or friend. Without dialogue as the basis of these relationships, it will be very difficult to build social connections, start a business, or grow your business.

Speaking correctly

Speaking well includes several key areas that we will mention below:

Learn to speak correctly

Eliminate fear

You know, if you do something one after the other, the stress of that work will be reduced for you. Dale Carnegie says that in every meeting you attend, speak to others, even if you are sabotaging. You will no doubt lose your anxiety and fear of speaking in public in a few months.

There is no problem that you have an opinion and Khan Daei has another opinion. Put this confrontation of opinions on the table in the form of a conversation and talk to each other. Eliminates; Of course, be careful not to get too caught up in these conversations and enter another phase!

Learn how to talk to others, to talk, to speak correctly

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How to talk to others

Speaking clearly and numbered

For a correct expression, our letters and words must be correct. All words should be pronounced in such a way that all the letters are heard. All letters must be heard correctly. It is normal that some letters are not pronounced correctly. For example, Speaking correctly some can not pronounce “r” correctly, some “and” and some other letters. Proper pronunciation means that all the letters are counted and expressed in the correct volume.

Structure your sentences to speak well. Try to use fewer terms. It is easier for the listener to digest a sentence according to the grammar.

Do not speak too harshly

To know how to speak well, we must first correct common mistakes in speaking. One of the most common mistakes we make is talking too fast. Whether out of excitement or out of habit, speaking too fast not only makes it difficult for the listener to understand what you are saying, but also makes others laugh at you. Speak up can be a sign of anxiety. So one of the first things you need to know in the process of improving good speaking skills is to speak slowly and with a speed that is easy to understand and you can say each word clearly.

Think before you speak, prepare in advance if necessary

Want to know how to speak well? The first answer to this question is “think before you speak”; Sentences that you will always find in books in the field of personal development. But still, many of us do not follow it.

Have you ever noticed that your boss or manager rarely says something that he later regrets saying? This is because the minds of such people are one step ahead of their language, not the other way around! People who have this important skill are often referred to as “enlightened people” because they know exactly what they are saying and have complete control over their language. The idea that you can think actively before you speak helps you not to be confused. Because before each speech, weigh the positive and negative consequences.

Deep breathing

If your breathing is from the chest area while speaking, you will have a negative effect on the tone of your speech, because your voice will reach the listener nervously and abnormally.

“It’s very difficult to be able to breathe properly when speaking nervously, so just a deep, relaxing breath will help you improve the depth of your voice,” said Kate Dover, co-founder of Bayan in Chicago. And show more confidence Speaking correctly in the tone of your voice

Learn how to talk to others, to talk, to speak correctly
How to talk to others

Practice difficult words

If there are certain words that cause awkward interruptions in your speech, the only solution is to listen to their correct pronunciation and practice over and over again until you can finally pronounce them correctly. This may sound like going back to kindergarten, but if that’s the perfect way to talk, you should do it.

Speaking correctly

Speaking with the right tone of voice

To get the right tone of voice, we do not have to shout and make our voice look like someone else’s. Rather, the sound should be our own cooked voice, but it should be properly trained. We must always pay attention to the tone of our voice. In all life scenes, for example when:

You are having a friendly conversation

When you have a request,

You go shopping,

You go to the interview

Sit down with your fiancé

In all these cases, use the right tone of voice.

Speak with confidence.

Speak with confidence, not violence. Express your preferences, interests and needs clearly and firmly. Be careful to consider the wishes of others when expressing your wishes. So that you do not look selfish.

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Make eye contact.

Eye contact is first and foremost a sign of our courtesy and respect for others. Eye contact also allows others to listen more carefully to what you have to say. If you are speaking in a group, find some friendly faces from the crowd and focus on them. In this way, you will increase your self-confidence and express your profession more clearly. If you look down, you do not look confident. And if you look around while talking, others may think that you are distracted and looking to do something better. So:

– As far as you can look into the eyes of the people you are talking to.

– If you see someone in the crowd who seems distracted or confused, you may think that you are not expressing your words clearly. However, you should not let one person’s distraction distract you from the others.

– When you speak to a very large crowd, it is difficult to make eye contact. Focus on a small number of people at these times.

Pay attention to your body language.

Don’t just use your voice to express yourself. Your body language is just as Speaking correctly important as the words that come out of your mouth. You look more intimate when your movements and gestures are different. Do not play with your hair or clothes when talking. These movements show lack of self-confidence. To give your audience the feeling that you have enough knowledge about the subject.

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