Success in youth

Success in youth


Success in youth

Success in youth Picasso is not the only creative and outstanding person who worked dozens of times to master his art. His journey has been as creative as that of many Hall geniuses. Even people with considerable talent can seldom produce extraordinary work practice decades ago. Let’s talk about why, and more importantly, how you can show off your creative genius.

Nobel Prize winners

The age of most Nobel Prize winners
A recent study traced the ages of Nobel laureates, great inventors, and scientists. As you can see in the chart, researchers have found that most innovative work has occurred in the late thirties, or at least a full decade, for each job. Even in the fields of science and mathematics, great and creative success often requires ten years of work or more.

These findings are also consistent with the results of work done by previous researchers. Success in youth For example, a study at Carnegie Mellon University by John Hayes, a professor of cognitive psychology, shows that out of every 500 popular pieces of music, almost all were created after the tenth year of composing. In later studies, Hayes found similar patterns for poets and painters.

He called this period of hard work and low recognition “ten years of silence.” Whether you are a composer or a scientist, creativity is not something you have or did not have at birth. Rather, it is something that is discovered, perfected and enhanced through real work. This raises an important question for us: How can you do your best and discover your hidden creative genius?

Let it create painful work as well
People like to look at successful writers, writers whose books are published and maybe even financially well, and think that they sit at their desks every morning feeling great about it. What they are, they have a lot of talent and a good story that they want to tell, they have a great feeling, they take a few deep breaths, raise their ascetics, break their neck and start working and writing texts with The full structure is quickly written by judicial reporters. But this is just the illusion of inexperienced people.

I know some very great writers, writers whom you love and who write beautifully and who have made a lot of money, and none of whom have worked regularly with enthusiasm and confidence. None of them write their original drafts beautifully …. Writing is not exciting for me and many other writers. In fact, the only way I can write something is to write very, very bad drafts. In any creative activity you should allow yourself to prepare not so interesting drafts.

You have no other choice. Sometimes you have to write four very bad pages to just realize Success in youth that you wrote a good sentence in the second paragraph of the third page. Creating something useful and compelling is like being a gold digger. You have to go through dirt, rocks and mud to find a small piece of gold in them. If you allow your thoughts to fly, pieces of genius will find their way to you.

Create based on a schedule
Inexperienced people create works when they are impressed. Professionals create the work according to the plan. Nothing beats creative genius as much as forcing yourself to constantly create works. Practicing your art many times is the only way to master it. A person who sits down and theorizes about best-selling books will never write such a book. But a writer who sits in a chair every morning and types learns how to do it.

If you want to do your most creative work, then do not leave it to choice. After waking up in the morning, do not think to yourself, “I hope to be impressed by something today to create a work.” You have to decide on a plan for your work. Genius comes when you have enough time to get an idea.

Find creative genius

Inexperienced people create works when they are impressed.

Get something done
Get something done. Give up everything, check, plan and prepare for the task and take action. It does not matter how good or bad the water is. You are not going to turn the world upside down with your first attempt. You just have to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to produce something. There is no artist, athlete, entrepreneur or scientist who has excelled by doing half the work. Stop discussing what you should create and create it.

Practice compassion for yourself

Everyone strives to create great art. Even great artists. Everyone who constantly creates Success in youth something begins to judge their own work. I write new articles every Monday and Thursday. When I work with the same publishing program for three months, I start judging my work. I convince myself that I have used every good idea I had. My most famous article appeared eight months later.

It is natural to judge your work. It is natural to feel frustrated that your work is not as good as you hoped it was or that you did not make progress. But the key here is not to let your dissatisfaction keep you from working. You need to practice compassion for yourself so that you do not let your self-doubt overwhelm you. Sure, you care about your work, but do not be so serious that you can no longer laugh at your mistakes and keep doing what you love. Give. Do not let judgment get in the way of your work.

Share your work

Share your work
Share your work publicly. This will make you do your best and provide feedback to do better. And when you see others interacting with what you have created, it impresses you to make your work more important. Sometimes sharing your work means dealing with people who hate or criticize your work. But most of the time, the only thing that happens is that you gather people around you who believe in what you believe.

They are excited about your favorite topics and support what you believe in. Who does not want this? The world needs people to show their creative work to the world. What looks good to one visitor may not be so great to another. But you will not realize it until you share your work.

How to discover your creative genius?
Finding your creative genius is easy: get the job done, get the job done, get feedback, Success in youth find a way to progress, work again the next day. Keep doing this for ten years. Or twenty years, or thirty. Inspiration manifests itself after hard work.

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