Biography of Agatha Christie

The life of the author


The life of the author

The life of the author Biography of Agatha Christie; The world’s best-selling author Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha Christie

Biography of Agatha Christie; The world’s best-selling author
Biography of Agatha Christie
Lady Agatha Christie, originally known as Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, was born on September 15, 1890, in the Turkish city of Devon, England. His American father was Frederick Miller. His mother, Clara Boomer, was an Englishman from an aristocratic family. Agatha could have been a US citizen because her father was American, but she never applied for citizenship. Agatha had a sister and a brother, both of whom were older.
In 1914, Agatha married an air force colonel named Archibald Christie, but the marriage The life of the author ended in divorce in 1928, after 14 years. The girl was named Rosalind Hicks.

Agatha worked in a hospital and then in a pharmacy during World War I; A job that has greatly influenced his writings: Many of the murders that occur in his books are committed by poisoning the victims.

Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha Christie

Biography of Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

He disappeared for ten days on December 8, 1926, while living in Suningdale, Berkshire, and the newspapers caused a great deal of controversy. His car was found in a plaster pit and he himself was eventually found in a hotel in Herogit. Agatha had rented a hotel room in the name of a woman whom her husband had recently confessed to having an affair with, claiming that she had been forgotten as a result of the trauma caused by her mother’s death and her husband’s infidelity. There are still conflicting opinions as to whether the whole affair was propaganda work. At the time, public perceptions of Agatha’s disappearance were negative, and many believed that the propaganda ploy had cost the country’s taxpayers significant sums of money. In 1979, the disappearance became the subject of a film called Agatha, in which Vanessa Redgrave appears as Agatha Christie.

In 1930, Agatha married Sir Max Malovan, an archaeologist 14 years her junior, and traveled extensively with him. Traces of these travels and the cities and countries he visited can be seen in most of his stories, which take place in the countries of the East (Middle East). Her marriage to Malvan was initially a successful and happy marriage. The marriage was able to last for a relatively long time, despite Malvan’s extramarital affairs.

Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha Christie Agatha Christie, the best-selling author in the world

Agatha Christie wrote the novel The Murder on the East Expressway in 1934 while staying at the Pra Palace Hotel in Istanbul. Istanbul was the last eastern stop of the Orient Express train, which was then running between Western and Eastern Europe. The room where Agatha Christie lives has been preserved by the officials of the Pra Palace Hotel as a memorial to this famous author in the same atmosphere of Christie’s stay.

Agatha Christie died of natural causes on January 12, 1976 at the age of 85. She had only The life of the author one child, Rosalind Hicks, who died on October 28, 2004, at the age of 85. All rights to Agatha Christie’s books are now owned and owned by her grandson Matthew Pritchard.

Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha ChristieGomb of Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is the best-selling author in the world
Agatha Christie was an English writer of crime fiction and detective fiction. She has also written romance stories under the pseudonym Mary Westmacott, but her main fame is for her 66 crime novels. Agatha Christie’s stories, especially those about the adventures of Detective Hercule Poirot or Mrs. Marple, not only earned her the title of “Queen of Crime” but also made her one of the most important and innovative writers in the development of crime fiction. They also tried to introduce and raise.

It was in the early days of his writing career that he created the character of Monsieur Hercule Poirot; A short, agile and selfish Belgian detective with a special appearance who reveals the secret of all crimes with the help of “gray cells” of his brain and at the same time exposes the English language to the harshest attacks and criticisms. Poirot became the central character in more than 50 of his other novels and became the most successful detective in the world in terms of numbers.

Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha Christie

In 1926 he achieved great success with the publication of The Assassination The life of the author of Roger Ackroyd. The novel was a brilliant work with astonishing decoding that left the reader unable to unravel the mystery of the story due to a lack of sufficient evidence. The killer is Dr. Sheparo, a simple and trustworthy doctor from the village who is the narrator of the whole novel. Not only was the book widely acclaimed, but the author’s colleagues also paid special attention to it.

Agatha Christie is the number one best-selling author of all time in the Guinness Book of World Records and the second best-selling author of all time (after William Shakespeare). It is estimated that one billion copies of his books have been sold in the original language (English) and another billion copies have been sold in various translations in 103 languages. Christie’s global popularity is such that, for example, in a country like France, the number of books he has sold since 2003 has reached 40 million.

The Trap of the Mouse, one of his most famous works, was first staged on November 25, 1952 in London (the Ambassadors’ Theater) and has been on stage ever since, for more than 50 years, and holds the record. The play has been staged more than 2,000 times in London alone.

In 1955, Agatha Christie was the first person to receive the Grand Master Award from the American Enigmatic Society. In the same year, his play Witness for the Prosecution won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Play.
Most of his books and short stories (and some of them several times) have been filmed, including Biography of Agatha Christie Murder on the East Expressway, Death on the Nile, and the 4:50 Paddington train. Many of Agatha Christie’s writings have been used extensively for radio and television programs.

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha Christie, Biography of Agatha Christie Agatha Christie English Writer

This success is not easily understood, as Agatha Christie has added almost nothing really new to the literary genre; He (with a few exceptions) has preserved the same traditional, old and completely English forms in his works.

The murders in his stories often take place in abandoned Victorian-style houses and The life of the author architecture, and the identity of the killer, who should not be revealed during the story, is eventually revealed by a police detective. Of course, before that, the workshop informs the reader in a brilliant conclusion.

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