Types of computer memory

Types of computer memory

Types of computer memory

Types of computer memory – Information on assembling and troubleshooting machine components

Motherboard: Connects among computer additives. It has forms of AT and ATX‌ that AT‌s are rectangular in shape. ATX‌s are rectangular. Serial ports for connecting Mouse, PS2 mouse, and keyboard ports, and a USB port that is connected to the motherboard. CPU‌ set up vicinity in a few motherboards is as a socket, that’s to be had from 370 and above, and in some within the form of a slot. 1. PCI slots for putting in PCI‌ playing cards (audio, modem and…) and slots

AGP‌ for putting in portraits playing cards and sesi slots. PAM‌ banks that have or 4 pins. Bios and its battery that’s for storing the contents of Bois and click device. And CD and so on.
Cpu: Cpu‌ is the brain of the pc and that they have one-of-a-kind shapes relying on the sort and producer.

The Pentium II and III‌ CPUs have cash from 128 to 256 internal them. The dot-board piece for installing the CPU on its miles Slot 1 main.
RAM: is the maximum essential type of reminiscence in a laptop and all software programs can be run via the form. Different reminiscences which include a tough drive, floppy, and CD‌ are for storing records. RAMs have different types, for instance, one among them has 128 MB and 133 MH2g and it’s far from the SD-168 pin type. DDR RAMs are more recent than SD‌ and feature a higher speed.
SOUND: There are ports on the back of the sound card. Lineout port, sound enter port (Mic), another line in input is Stereo, and another port is for connecting to the Joystick (game). Some cards have an amplifier. Are that make bigger the sound.

Types of computer memory

Types of computer memory

VGA: the primary characteristic of the pics card is to convert digital records positioned in memory into pulses that can be displayed on the monitor. The distinction is in their maximum resolution or regulation energy. Or display greater. Today’s photos playing cards are 16 million colors or Krueger. The AGP slot for the snapshots card affords better reminiscence accessibility.

Allin wonder photos card can report photographs and hook up with the antenna.
Tough: HDD‌ is used to save records on the pc. The capability of the hard drives is marked with a label on them. It has an IDE‌ connector that connects to the primary and a connector is used for power connection and jumpers for adjustment. In Moster and slave mode

To be.
Floppy: There are two connectors on the lower back of the Floppy power, one for the power cable and the opposite for the FDD‌ connector. Writing may be avoided by starting the small activate the floppy disk.
CD-pressure: There are forms of CDs: CD-R, which can write most effective once, and CD-RW, which can write and duplicate records up to numerous instances.

Of direction, the actual velocity depends on the sort of CD and the velocity of the gadget. There may be a socket on the front of the CD-Rom that allows audio CDs to be output thru headphones. There is also a small hole on it for emergency CD‌ output.
If a non-stop, a susceptible beep sounds when the system is turned on, it indicates that the images card is properly mounted. And if a continuous beep is heard with a couple of disconnections, it suggests that we’ve now not related the display connector to the proper graphics card. If an ordinary and intermittent beep is heard, the hassle is with the machine RAM. Maybe the RAM is dead or with principal It isn’t like-minded and the RAM may be corrupted.
Once in a while, the principal battery can be weak and the message CMOS checksum mistakes might be displayed. In this example, the battery should get replaced. Now, if we neglect the password that became placed on the device, we are able to remove the password by eliminating the battery and Or by disposing of the jumper on the primary for this reason.
Now and again whilst the gadget is becoming on, the RAM isn’t always fully counted and we come upon the Memory test tails pin, so the RAM has a hassle. If in a few instances inside windows while working with heavy software we come across a hassle and the health of the software program and windows primary and CPU can be certain that there may be a hassle with RAM and reducing it. We join the fan and heatsink device on which the fan is established to the motherboard. The UIMM chip or RAM chip ought to additionally be mounted and different gadgets should be established. We are able to install. As an instance, do not forget to assemble a III machine with a P3V 133 motherboard.

Types of computer memory

First, we placed the motherboard within the Case‌. A slot is designed to location the CPU on the primary. We don’t forget this setup for a Pentium III. Sesi slots are for modems and sound playing cards and other cards that are old and they don’t work now. The small white slots at the sesi above them are PCI slots. These slots are a newer technology of graphics-designed slots. There may be a chip on the primary called the Bios, and progrشams in these chips are stored. It is liable for the fundamental operations of the pc and the way to join the numerous additives at its lowest stage, together with setting the clock and device date, identifying the radio tough pressure, enter and output ports, floppy drive, RAM, CD-ROM, and different tough drives. Software program as well as growing p

The password is held by using the Bios‌ chip. This chip is placed within the decrease right nook of the motherboard. The hard drive connectors, DVD-Rom, CD-Rom, and floppy drives are located inside the higher right component. The CPU slot is also on the main‌ and behind the Serial and ps2 ports. The parallel port is for putting in the printer. There also are two USB‌ ports that can be used for USB‌ gadgets. Like digital cameras, scanners, and other devices. Join the Keyboard‌ and Mouse to the Ps2‌ connectors. Modify the holes at the board with the holes on the Case‌ and near the screws. First, fasten the standing brass screws to the Case‌ tray and then place the board on them. We deliver and tighten the screws.

Types of computer memory
Now we visit the CD-Rom and positioned it in one of the meant compartments. Of path, first, we ought to cast off the front panel of this compartment. Now we insert the drive from the front of the case. We placed the Rom inner its housing and tighten the screws. We also put the floppy drive in its unique region, which has a vent within the front of the case. We put the CD-Rom jumper in the slave‌ mode. An audio cable connection from the sound card to the CD-Rom and its corresponding component

Types of computer memory

It’s miles connected to the CD-Rom and in other methods to the main. The strength cable is likewise related to one facet. We connect the alternative connector of the IDE‌ cable to the tough pressure. Bear in mind the small energy cable for the floppy pressure after which the FDD‌ cable. Hook up with the floppy drive and major. Observe that the jumper’s difficult power needs to be in Moster mode. The IDE‌ cable that needs to be connected to the board is attached to the number one or IDE‌ 1 connector. The power connector is attached to the board as an alternative. The strength connector comes from the electricity supply to the board. In case you are using a motherboard that has jumpers, you then must adjust the jumpers using the motherboard manual. Inclusive of turning on the laptop, it ought to be noted that

Modify the jumpers the use of the processor for use. In any other case, the processor can be damaged or inefficient.

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