Luís Figo


Luís Figo

Luís Figo – Luis Felipe Madeira Cairo Figo was born on November 4, 1972 in Almada, Portugal. At the age of 12, Figo joined Sporting Lisbon Portugal’s youth team. When he was 17, he played for Sporting’s senior team in his country’s football league. Figo attracted the attention of the world of football at the age of 19. Thus, in 1989, Luis became the third world player in Scotland 1989 as a member of his country’s under-16 national team. Two years later, Figo won the Youth World Cup in Portugal with his country’s U-20 team.

Luis Figo in Barcelona

Luis left Sporting Lisbon for Barcelona in 1995. There he trained with great coaches such as Johan Cruyff, Bobby Robson, and Louis van Gaal and became one of the most famous footballers of his time. He also joined Real Madrid with a contract worth 60 million euros, which was a record at the time. This is the fourth heaviest contract in the history of football. On 18 August 2004, he announced his retirement from the Portuguese national team in Madrid but returned to action on 4 June 2005 at the 2006 World Cup against Slovakia.

Luis Figo was released in June 2005 because he clearly did not have a place in Real Madrid’s plans, and he joined Inter Milan, Italy, where he joined on 8 July 2006. The 3-1 defeat to the German national team in the World Cup qualifier was his last appearance for the Portuguese national team. Figo wanted to join Al-Ittihad Jeddah at the end of the 2006-07 season To send. He first signed a pre-contract with the team for one year and was scheduled to play for the team from July 1, 2007. But it seems that there were problems between him and the club and this transfer did not take place. As a result, Figo decided to play another season at Inter Milan, where he signed a one-year contract.

Figo broke his leg several times on November 4, 2007, in a Serie A match against Juventus Turin following Powell’s mistake. He returned to action on 16 February 2008 against Livorno. After several disagreements with Inter coach Roberto Mancini, he decided to leave the team at the end of the season. But when his compatriot Jose Mourinho replaced Mancini, he extended his contract with Inter for another year. He does not renew his contract with the team and wants to end his career at a small Portuguese club. Figo holds the national team record in Portugal and is one of the most successful footballers in the country alongside Uzebio.


Titles and Successes Figo

Figo as a national player:

Third place at the Under-16 World Cup: 1989
Youth World Cup Champion: 1991
European runner-up: 2004
Fourth place in the world: 2006

Figo as a club player:

Portuguese Cup Winner: 1995
Spanish Cup winner: 1997, 1998
European Cup Champion: 1997
Spanish Super Cup Champion: 1999
Champions League winner: 2002
European Super Cup Champion: 2002
World Club Champion: 2002
Champion of Spanish clubs: 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003
Italian Cup Winner: 2006
Italian Super Cup winner: 2006, 2008
Champion of Italian clubs: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Luis Figo’s personal honors

European Football Man of the Year: 2000
Man of the World Football Year: 2001
Portuguese Football Man of the Year: 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

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Luis Figo’s candidacy for FIFA presidency:

In a January 2015 interview with CNN, Figo formally confirmed his candidacy for the FIFA presidency. He invited Sepp Blatter to a televised debate on BBC and Sky Sports, but Blatter rejected the offer. Figo stated that he intended to convey his ideas to the people through the media. He also welcomed the plan to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in the winter and promised to host the World Cup with 48 teams if he wins. David Beckham also supported Figo’s candidacy. On May 21, 2015, he resigned from the FIFA election with a statement. Biography of Figo and his wife Helen

Farewell to football

The Portuguese star said goodbye to football in 2009 and played 127 games for the Portuguese national team. In addition to saying goodbye to football, he is still in the sports arena and is one of the managers of Inter Milan.

Honors and awards

The great footballer was named the best player in the world in 2001 and is also among the top 100 players in FIFA.


Nomination for President of the FIFA Federation

He was nominated for the presidency of FIFA in 2015 and intended to take over the presidency of FIFA, and Beckham also supported his candidacy. But later withdrew his candidacy.

Married his wife Helen Aswadin

He married a Swedish model and mannequin in 2001 and has three daughters, Danila, Manila, and Stella. His eldest daughter, Daniela, is 20 years old.


The former Real Madrid midfielder spoke in an interview about his transfer from Barcelona to Real Madrid. The signing of Figo’s contract with Real Madrid is always considered a betrayal in Barcelona. Twenty years have passed since then, and the Catalan media have called the transfer a betrayal of the century. On this occasion, the Ace site conducted an exclusive interview with his former star, and the retired Portuguese midfielder spoke about the events of that time and the current situation of Real Madrid. “A long time has passed,” he said. It was a great summer because of the transfer costs. Of course, these figures seem ridiculous now, but 20 years ago it was a lot of money. The signing of my contract was a reversal of Spanish football bias. This had never happened before. It could be the beginning of modern Madrid. I had a wonderful time. There were a lot of good players by my side and I was successful. Biography of Figo and his daughter, Figo’s daughter

“I was in Euros and I had a good season,” Figo said. There were elections in Madrid and in Barcelona. My program manager called me and said that the Lazio club was interested in paying for my release clause. Real Madrid would also like to sign me. I listened to my program manager, but I did not pay much attention to it. I informed the Barça manager about the offers. They did not take me seriously either.

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