What is a computer?

What is a computer

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What is a computer

What is a computer-In the world we live in, new computers and technologies have become an integral part of our daily lives. So that life is not possible without them. In this article, I will tell you how to specialize in the field of computers and hardware so that in addition to raising your knowledge in the field of computers, you can also earn money from it.
After reading this article, you will be able to find an overview of the world of computers and hardware, and you will get acquainted with zero to one hundred topics in the field of computers and hardware, and then you can choose your path in this field and faster in Progress that way.

What is a computer?
In general, a pc is a device that takes raw records from us and converts it into processed and comprehensible statistics for us. For example, whilst we’re typing a text on a laptop, facts is despatched to the pc by way of the keyboard and the result is exhibited to us via a screen. Computer systems are surprisingly processable and can perform very high mathematical calculations in some thousandths of a second.

What are the main components of a computer?
Simply put, a computer is made up of two parts: hardware and software.

Anything from a computer that can be touched means it can be touched. For example, case, keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Anything is called a computer that cannot be touched and is not physical. For example, Windows or programs installed on it, such as Word software.

What is a computer?

What is a computer

What are the 4 main skills that a computer expert should have?
To become a computer expert we need to acquire four basic skills:

1- putting in and launching a new  gadget
Which means you ought to be able to make the hardware additives of a laptop and connect them to each other, then install windows and related software on it, after which join the peripherals to it so that we will run a entire pc machine.

2- Updating or upgrading the previous system
Sometimes after a few years we encounter the problem of speed and slowness in the computer and you should be able to update the software installed on the computer or the hardware used in the computer or in other words, upgrade them.

3- Troubleshooting hardware and software problems
While working with the computer, there may be problems, which may be related to hardware or a problem with software.

4- Maintenance and support of  systems
In order for a computer to last longer, we need to perform a series of operations related to its proper maintenance. This operation must be performed continuously and with appropriate schedules so that the computer system .

First skill: Installing a new system
The first skill a computer specialist needs to have is to be able to prepare, install and finally run a complete system. To do this, 5 steps must be performed continuously to lead to the launch of a complete system.

What is a computer

5 steps to start a new  system:

1- Familiarity with hardware:
In the first step, you must know all the components of a computer system and be aware of the types

The main board is a computer to which all computer components are connected directly and indirectly. In fact, it is the skeleton of a that connects other components. Gigabyte and Asus are among the most popular motherboard manufacturers.

Processor (CPU):
The processor is one of the main components of a computer and is like the brain of a computer, and all the processing of a computer is done by the processor or CPU. The choice of processor has a significant effect on the speed. Intel and AMD are the two main brands in processor manufacturing.

Hard Disk (Hard):
It is the external memory of a computer in which all our information and files, including video, music and photo files and system files are stored.

Main memory (RAM):
RAM or main memory plays a very important role in the speed of a computer and that is why it is so important. The higher its capacity, the faster . Kingston and Corsair are among the most popular RAM brands.

Pix Card (VGA):
The pix card is responsible for photo processing and its choice to work with snap shots and design software program in addition to computer games could be very powerful. NVIDIA and AMD are the most effective producers of portraits card chips.

In general, for assembling parts, you should do the following steps:
Install the CPU on the motherboard and then install the CPU cooling fan on it.
Install RAM or main memory on the motherboard in its own slot.

What is a computer?

In this step, we have to connect the power and data cables to them:
Connect the power cord of the motherboard to the motherboard from the power supply.
Connect the power cord of the hard disk and DVD to them from the power supply.

In this step, close the case lid and then do the following steps:
Connect the keyboard and mouse to your motherboard on the back of the case.
Connect the monitor power cable to the city power outlet and its data cable to the graphics card on the back of the case.

What are the steps to install Windows on a system?
First we have to decide according to the hardware specifications of our computer what type of operating system to use and what model to install it. For example, the operating system of Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit, or what version of Windows is Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10.
Once we have made our decision, we will insert the Windows DVD into the device.
From the BIOS settings, put the system boot on DVD and follow the Windows installation steps.
In the installation process, we partition the hard disk, which is called partitioning.
Then select the first section to install Windows and continue the Windows installation process.
After the Windows installation is complete, the drivers for our hardware components must be installed.


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