Yellowing of white goods

Yellowing of white goods


Yellowing of white goods

Yellowing of white goods What causes white cabinets to turn yellow? The reason for the yellowing of glass cabinets, the reason for the yellowing of high glass cabinets Reasons for yellowing of white cabinets

What causes white cabinets to turn yellow?
Discoloration of white glass cabinets This type of MDF is observed. When you clean your furniture regularly and regularly, you will never encounter a change in its color.
Reasons for yellowing of high glass cabinets:
If you are careful, you know that many white kitchen appliances, such as used white appliances, change color over time, while these appliances are generally inside cabinets and less exposed to sunlight and greasy kitchen airflow. But cabinets are always in the public kitchen space and naturally erode and change sooner.

To choose white high gloss cabinets, use quality cabinets so that you Yellowing of white goods do not have problems later. Strive to keep white cabinets clean.

After installing the cabinet, especially the white cabinet, it should be cleaned regularly so that the grease stains of the cabinet do not stick and dust does not settle on them. In this case, in addition to the difficult cleaning of cabinets, it causes the color of the cabinets to change.

The discoloration and yellowing of the high glass cabinet occur in its very bright colors such as white and ice, and its other colors are less discolored or their changes are not noticeable. There are solutions and reasons that make it possible for us to delay this event or prevent it from happening at all.

Reasons for changing the color of glass cabinets
• One of the main reasons for changing the color of high glass cabinets is direct light. Direct light on white cabinets will cause them to turn yellow and colored cabinets will cause them to turn pale. Therefore, to prevent direct light radiation, it is enough to use thin curtains in your kitchen environment to use light for ambient lighting and to prevent yellowing and discoloration of your colored glass cabinets.

Causes of white cabinet yellowing, cause of white cabinet yellowing
How to prevent yellowing of white cabinets

The heat of the kitchen causes the high glass cabinets to turn yellow.

The main reason for the yellowing of high glass cabinets is the heat and heat caused by the gas. Most of the time, the cabinets that are under the gas and around it and the cabinets around the hood turn yellow. Therefore, it can be said with confidence that one of the causes of yellowing of high glass cabinets is the heat caused by cooking and the steam generated from it. These vapors, along with the fat and heat suspended particles, settle on the high glass and over time, cause the cabinets to change color and turn yellow.

We suggest choosing cabinets around the gas in a dark color. This Yellowing of white goods days, the use of 2-color cabinets has become fashionable.

Do not clean cabinets and white wood: Cabinets are a source of growth for a variety of bacteria. Because it is difficult to access the seams of cabinets, it is also difficult to clean them. This is enough for all kinds of bacteria and most importantly termites to nest there and cause mold in the cabinet. Mold softens the texture of the cabinet and absorbs moisture well. Moisture eventually causes the color of that part of the cabinet to turn yellow.

Do not clean properly: The use of substandard and chemical detergents causes white wood to change color quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to use quality detergents and ask the experts how to clean home appliances properly.
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Grease particles, dirt, and dust become a sticky substance that will not be easily cleaned. Clean grease and oil particles all over the surface of the white cabinet. The presence of fat particles and dust creates ugly stains. You can also use a little warm water and dishwashing liquid to clean the cabinets. Dishwashing liquid, just as it works to clean grease on dishes, also removes grease from cabinets.

glass cabinets

Methods of removing the yellowness of glass cabinets
• The first way is not to cook at all! But if this method is not possible, first select the spot of your cabinet that has turned yellow and try to clean with the following methods. If not improved, the yellow color may have gone into the cabinet and become permanent.

• Prepare your kitchen: When cleaning your kitchen high glass cabinets Due to the fact that you want to use disinfectant and cleaning solutions, it is better to empty them of any food and dishes, and utensils.

• General cleaning: Use the solution under the miracle of cleanliness in your cabinets, mix 1/4 cup baking soda, 4 cups white vinegar and 8 cups hot water in a bucket. Then use a clean cloth or Yellowing of white goods sponge to clean the cabinet doors. Rinse with clean water and dry with a towel.

You can pour this solution into a bottle and spray it on the surface of the cabinets and wait for a while and then wipe the surface with a soft sponge in a circular motion, wash the sponge, take it and clean the cabinet again. To remove stains. Dry the cabinet with a soft towel or towel.

Remove hard yellow stains: Mix 1/2 cup baking soda with 1/4 cup water to form a dough. Then dip a soft toothbrush or clean brush into the paste and place the baking soda on the stains for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, wipe the baking soda with a damp sponge and dry the glass cabinets again with a soft towel or towel.

Removing yellow

Removing yellow oil stains: To remove yellow oil stains on glass cabinets, moisten a sponge with water, open all kitchen windows, and if you do not have windows, turn on the kitchen vent and wear a pair of rubber gloves.

Pour a small amount of ammonia on the sponge, never mix ammonia Yellowing of white goods with bleach or other cleaners. Move the sponge from the bottom to the top on the surface of the cabinets and gently try to remove the grease. Wash the sponge and take the excess water and finally remove the ammonia from the cabinet. Dry the cabinet with a soft towel and towel.

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